Evocation of King Paimon

Hi all!

So last night I did an evocation of King Paimon. Here’s what I did and what happened. I lit some candles on my altar. I began with some four-fold breath breathing to get started. I then rang bells to announce I was beginning the ritual. I did Ford’s LBRP ritual and his circle ritual. On the altar I had King Paimon’s sigil drawn with his name. I also had a card from a deck I have with his picture on the altar. I announced the purpose of the ritual was to get in contact with King Paimon to learn magick and occult wisdom from him. I made an offering to him of fruits, candies, cookies towards the West. I also offered him beer and incense. I then began to chant his name and ask for him to come forth. I stared at the sigil and then into my black mirror calling to King Paimon. At one point I remembered what was said about him liking music, so I sort of began singing his name and asking him to come forth. I kept this up for a while and continued to stare at sigil and meditate. I asked for a sign of his presence. I didn’t seem to get a whole lot, except the experience of feeling inspired to sing his name. Not sure what to make of it.


Thanks for sharing!

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