Evocation of king paimon with a weird thing

Hey all you here.

I just want to share something with you.

I tried to evoke King Paimon for the first time. Sat down placed the printed out sigil front of me. Then lighted a black long candle.

I offered some dark blue colored red bull and a rose to him. I started to chant his enn but was confosued because many of you here said that he does not like to be called without King but the enn is without king.

I chanted both versions with and without king. Tried to look at the candle flame but nothing serious happend. I did not felt anything.

So after a few minutes I started to speak loud about what I want to get help with. Offered him the things and thanked that he wasn’t here and said that he is welcomed here anytime.

BUT when I blow out the candle a thought comed up in my mind what’s if he likes demonic songs, (I don’t speak or understand Russian) but I used to listen Russian satanic songs and looked up for one: this one: https://youtu.be/8B2BUbrX1-c and started play it, then I lighted up the candle again and started to chant his enn while the music played, and somehow I got an idea to stand front of the mirror, I was just relaxed my eyes while looking and my self, and sometimes my whole face just turned into dark but like shadow, I did not seen my eyes or anything, my whole Face was a big dark grey shadow. After this I sat back down and started to speak to him saying the same but now with so much more confidence almost speaking loud, the music was going on the whole time.

Then I dropped 2 drops of blood on his sigil. Blowed our the candle and put everything back to its place.

How would you rate this, is this a succes or some weird shits?

Thank you for reading this long.


Any thoughts?

Don’t worry about adding “king” in the enn! You can vibrate the name “paimon” just fine! It’s just when you talk to him “addressing him as King”! Atleast that’s how I do it!
The mirror thing means you went to the theta gamma sync state! The mirror helps with scrying and the trance state means you are doing magic!
Doing weird shit means the entity you are contracting is arranging the ritual and helping you with it! As E.A says in his videos he never know how the ritual would go until he gets in it and ending up doing things! Like the ritual planed it self like puzzle pieces! The important thing is for you to just go with it! So if you feel like singing dancing, screaming, or even getting naked and masturbating! Means that something at work here! Drop your mind and act like a crazy person :woman_shrugging: magic is weird and unpredictable! If you hold your intent to the end I would say it’s a success!
Good luck

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Thank you for telling this

Believe in yourself. He heard you.

I hope