Evocation of Halah'thor 7.10.12

I wanted to provide a few more evocations because I felt that these could help those who are interested in working with this system but haven’t done so yet. It’s not really a discussion piece. After these two I won’t be posting anything like this unless it has to do with any evocations within the study group, if it begins and goes that far -that is.

In the book of Azazel, Halah’thor is a Nether under the house of Malkash who according to EA, takes the form of a man who’s neatly groomed, clean shaven and dressed in a tuxedo who has the power to materialize an enviable existence where one is wealthy, happy, passionate and moving in the direction of their own destiny. A very well endowed spirit. I decided to call this spirit because …

Due to time constraints, I used the cardboard slab with the triangle of pacts which I guess now officially used for a quick approach. Lit red candles that I still kept over from the first evo’s because they haven’t burned out, sat at my kitchen table and went to work.

I used the call “Alash tad Al’ash tal Ashtu and then called the spirit’s name which at the time I thought was Etli’osh in which I called while looking at Halah’thor’s sigil.

The spirit appeared but what I first noticed was his head. He had a Caucasian face with dark brown hair slicked back with a sort of trimmed mustache. His eyes were a pale yellow and serpentine. When the vision became clearer which was still foggy in a peripherally (if that makes any sense) I noticed he had a long purple neck, like a pole that went from his head down to a light green box of some sort. His neck was scaled revealing to be the body of a purple serpent with dark purple patches, and at the time I had not realized it but the entity took a form that was very akin to a jack in the box.

He was simple, nice and to the point. He agreed to help me and though I had my doubts because he agreed to readily ( a common theme I’ve begun to notice of these spirits promising to work on something or that something is already done ) in my vision he slid closer to me; box and all until he was about 2 feet from my face and assured me that all would be done as he had said. All I could do was thank the spirit and send him on his way.

Only after the evocation I had realized the mistake in names. A very big OH SHIT. Well, time will tell what will come of this.

07.11.2012 -Not relating to this incident, two days before I had a reading done for me and what came up was my job and a general unhappiness about it. That I will eventually find a better one, that there were a few key individuals who make my stay there a hell.

Which led to me searching what was available on line very early yesterday before deciding to contact this spirit.

Then last night on the job, I’ve been to see a lot of misty shadows swirl around me and in the once instance while reading a book, I saw a flash above me and a white mist move through me before looking up saying, ‘what the hell’ and then I looked over in the living room and saw white sparks like someone had an invisible welding gun or something.

Then two co workers got caught sleeping on the job and I was not but I made a mistake in the paper work and my co worker had to say something to me that he disliked but I knew it was for him getting caught sleep. I held my tongue and had not talked to him for the rest of the shift and this had prompted me to start searching harder.

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Reading these accounts seriously excites my imagination & my feelings… oh Book, PLEASE get here today!

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Crazy man - love the accounts Azazym! :smiley:

This is awesome man! I hope to read more accounts from you!

how long did you chant the spirits name?


Can anyone share what “side effects” they had after the evocation? Think I did an invocation cuz I got carried away with the whole contact. It was a tiring experience.