Evocation of Glasya-Labolas

I started working on a series of evocations of Goetic Spirits of the lower ranks, specially Earls. My main goal is Cthonic development, thus my choice to work with them.

Last night I evoked Glasya, with the sole intention of making contact with him and be more aware of the energies of the lower ranks.

I started by doing a sole-energy purification of my room and the mirror of my wardrobe’s door, which took like 15min, then waited for a while untill I felt the area saturate with my energy and purified.

I took my phone and had a pic of his sigil open, which then I embued with my own purifying energy. I started glaring at the sigil to open it at the same time I started invoking my own mental energies. When the sigil started opening, I begun to push my mind into it as much as I could, and whenever I felt I had reached my limit, I would begin to glare at it and invoke my mental energies again, untill I felt it was completely open.

When I had the sigil completely open, I dove into it with my mind, to reach his plane. I felt some difficult to make it there, so I pushed my feet against the ground and Invoked Omnipotence with all my might and being, and kept pushing myself to make it there.

I finally got to his Realm. It was dark and hot, with lava coming out of stones everywhere. Curiously, the lava was at the same time blood. The atmosphere was acid, and even though I could sense no smell, I somehow knew it smelled like sulphur. I kept there for a few minutes, calling his name aloud at times, trying to familiarize with that place and the energies there, at the same time I was struggling to keep myself there without losing my sense of being in the physical world. What I was trying to do was to open direct contact between his plane and my physical environment.

When I got satisfied, I came back with my mind, Invoking the energies of his realm into myself. As invoked those, I could perceive that lava running through my veins, and a slight heat sensation begun. I kept invoking untill I felt saturated. I then decided it was about time to Evoke.

I went to the mirror and imbued it with the energies I invoked from his own realm. Then, I started calling him into the mirror:

  • Manifest yourself Glasya-Labolas, visibly and with a strong presence (I used other term than strong, but cant recall it now).

  • What do you want, Diazin?

  • Make yourself more present, Glasya.

His presence was slightly more intense. I stretched my arms at the mirror and used his own energy to make him more presently inside the mirror. Its not that he was being stubborn, but as that mirror wasnt consecrate, it couldnt act as a full gateway to his manifestation.

I decided to light a red candle to him, then turn off the lights.

  • I wanted to meet you, Glasya.

  • Meet me? (felt some excitment in his energy. At this stage, I could already notice what a spirit he is. Althought a hot spirit, he is also very patient, and the kind that can wait for something worthy if necessary.)

  • So, what do you like teaching most?

  • The employment of libido. (we was talking both with words and with our energies, I could understand his silence. When he said that, I realized how he was talking about employing libido in pursuing science, how how he is moved to greater purposes, instead of aiming at small and quick goals. He is a spirit one can call for the work of a life, but not to a small and ordinary goal. I noticed the much of an inspiration he can be to mad scientists.)

  • Intereting. And you can also tell about the future, right? What can you tell on mine?

He grimmed.

  • Many good things are coming your way, Diazin. Most from the path you pursue and your own life, and some from myself.

He kept on:

  • You have too much empty space in yourself, lets make a deal.

  • I dont make pacts, Glasya.

We both kept in silence for a moment, then in silence I understood what kind of deal he was talking about. It was not a pact, he wanted a place in that emptiness in my life, to be more specific, in those Cthonic levels of my life. A possession.

  • As long as you agree in working in ressonance with all the parts of my being, and dont try to act as an isolate part in the same, I agree.

I invoked my Higher Self as I pushed my feet against the floor, and looked at him.

  • Ok - he answered.

We started exchanging our energies, and felt him filling some of that empty space. I then gave him license to depart and purified my room again.

Glasya is a hot and brooding spirit, but curiously with a cold mentallity, besides a very incisive presence. I could see him both as an energy cloud and a sort of (wolf?) head in a human-shaped body. Its too early yet to notice major effects of his presence in my life, but I can tell Im brooding inside also, and my eyes seem to be more penetrating too.

The next one is going to be Ronové. Thanks for reading!


Diazin,…what would i do without you?

Great post!

Probably the same you do with, maybe better .-.

Thanks for the compliment!

Well done, my friend! Great to read about your success!

I’m curious to see what he brings to the table for you. When he told you there was a great bit of emptiness “in the Cthonic levels” of your life, was he being literal? Like, you’ve been spending too much time on the astral and akashic levels, and you needed to balance it out?

As a side note, about a month ago I had a spontaneous AP and right before I attempted to enter my body again, I was pinned down to my bed by a feminine looking entity wearing a short, bright red dress. Like something you’d see a femme fatale wear in a movie. It wasn’t a violent interaction, more flirtatious. I asked who they were, and they responded “Glasya-Labolas”.

TBH I didn’t think too much on it after I woke up, as I had a million other things from my trip in mind, and figured if he really wanted to work with me, he’d come around again. But I couldn’t figure out why he appeared the way he did, until I read this post. I grabbed my copy of Connolly’s Goetia and sure enough, she had him listed as aligned with fire. Needless to say, I’m a whole lot less confused :slight_smile: So thank you for inadvertently answering my question xD

Yeah, pretty much that. My magical development was oriented from above to below, from the very beggining. I was programmed to work it this way out. Instead of trying to obtain abilities and knowledge, I akways try to remember how to do things, to retrieve spiritual organs and information from my very soul. This approach have me spending too much time in aerial planes and relinquishing the mundane.

I can already sense moviment on his part. I felt a bit off yesterday, so I decided to evoke Ronové another time. I did some energy circulation and kept slacking off on the internet untill night. I could feel myself brooding sometimes.

At night, I started receiving info. He oriented me regarding a blockage I have that keeps me from using and expressing my real self in the chtonic level. I then realized that even being a sort of powerhouse of aerial energies, when it comes to energies of this plan Im just starving to death. I started vampying out again. On vampirysm, he was really inspirational. He told me I could fully “awake” and develop my vampiryc side with the enochian currents, and that I should vamp more on negative energies. He basically showed me the piece that was lacking to fulfill my ambitions.

On his femme fatale apparition, I think its much the way he communucates. I felt myself way more desiring about a chick I see sometimes in the nearbies. But Glasya’s libido seemed more like oriented to his mind than to sex itself. In fact, it didnt seems to be sexual at all. There’s a theory about psychopaths that like to stab their victims that says they kill to compensate their sexual impotence, and the knife symbolizes their phallus. This kinda explains some traits of Glasya to me, cause he really looks like a psycho sometimes.

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My (good) envy is intensifying D: . Congratulations to both Diazin and blacklamb! All I ever did with Glasya-Labolas was almost get run over by a car and escalate a situation with the guards of a security convo.

I’ll explain, and through this, one might wonder if the magician really gets what he’s expecting from a spirit before he even meets it.

Simply put I felt slightly cheated at the lack of aggressive Goetic spirits. Obviously I had not much experience back then to say such a stupid thing, and when I ran across this spirit’s info I was kinda gleeful to read about his more violent side.

Well, I didn’t invoke him. I even scoffed at some other practitioner’s attempt to get Glasya-Labolas to help him pass a test and all the bad consequences that stemmed from that (random accidents to the point of electronic equipment suddenly bursting even when not attached to anything that could power them).

The same day two drivers went out of their way to get way too close to me when I was crossing the road. I thought none of it since locals are locals right? But then a god damn armored van rolls up, I cross the street to avoid it, the driver then begins backing up and I find myself trapped between two parked cars and the god damned van backing into me.

I manage to escape and again think nothing of it since the last thing you want to do is bother with the guards, but then the van’s doors open, and a guard (very jumpy dude) starts talking tough to me and asking what the Hell was I doing behind their van (all while looking about to reach for his weapon).

Thankfully nothing else happened. I apologized to this spirit and that is all. I was quite angry though, but I’d rather not get on his bad side again.


Have you ever thought that some bad aspect of yourself has led you to call for his bad side in first place? Thats why the Solomonic Method requires a period of purification before working with these spirits. I had a short but effective moment of purification before the invocation and further evocation. No wonder so many black.magicians end up either miserably nuts or dead.


Makes sense, the purification period too. I had been angry at several failed business attempts and people, so my own agressive state could have triggered his bad side too.

Thanks! Thoughtful thing to keep in mind next time!