Evocation of Gaap

I have been working with the spirit Gaap. Ive done 2 evocations with Gaap in the last few days that each have been quite benefical and informative.
I evoked Gaap to assist me with binding a egrigori of another magician. His egrigori had been tormenting my girlfriend for quite some time. He obtains no asscent with his magic. Just torments women that either break up with him or wont submit to his demands.
Gaap and i successfully binded this spirit. And now it is in my custody.
I did a basic evocation to learn more about this demon.
Me: “I have summoned you to get a better understanding of you spiritual essence”.
Gaap: “My spiritual essence is far greater than what is written. I am a iniciator into the qlippothic current. The back door to all the spheres. I have bared influence in Tagirrion for quite some “time”(and made air quotes. Lol) yet Belphegor is still credited with the title of ruler of the sphere.
I am also the guide for some of the kings of the infernal empire”
Me: “Can you be summoned to cast a curse”.
Gaap: I can curse by ones own ignorance. For it will be amplified to a point of destruction.
I can also cause great love to flourish where it is needed".
Me: “Can you amplify creativity in the human forms of art”?
Gaap:“Creativity can be amplified through simple invocation during the time of the creation of such arts. I am a influencer and creator but destruction can come through my influence”.

We discussed some very personal problems i am going thru after that initial conversation. Oh and i acidentally called him king Gaap, in which he replied “I am not a king nor do i wish to be”.
All in all i had two great evocations of Gaap and look forward to working with him more.


I’m new at some things but have a question. I have a situation and I’m interested in seeking gaap help but idk how he feels about working with beginners. Can you give me some insight?

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I am reasearching about him since last 7 days and I didn’t find any warning anywhere that he is not beginner friendly. You may go ahead without any hesitation but remember that whichever spirit you are going to work with, be respectful to them.

You may read the book “Demons of Magic by Gordon winterfield” for further assistance.

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