Evocation of Forest Spirits of The Underworld

Today I came back from my trip at the Mountain ruins outside of my Town and I have some interesting story to share. I was there for camping and mostly to take a break from my routine(s). So at night I decided to evoke the nature spirits there and because there were ruins I thought that I could call the underworld spirits which dwelled there(In Greece we have a lot of em’). Anyway I sat there and began to meditate to reach an “empriness” sate. After achieving that state I evoked the local spirits and they anwered.

I felt a huge amount of energy and spirit presence so I took things a bit further by meeting them the “Shamanic way”. I saw many spirits when I reached the spirit realm and I spoke with many of them. It was an educational experience because they taught me how to make some potion and elixirs which strangely when I used them worked miracles(healing potions,spiritual calling elixirs etc)

When I left they gave me a bunch of sigils and I thought that I could sahre since they gave me their permission~ So here it is~

What was in the healing potions/elixirs?

Mostly local herbs that are known for their healing properties and various handcrafted mixtures imbued with the spirits energies.

Nice ! Did they give any names with those Sigils ? They were definitely interested for further communication, that’s why they gave out those sigils. However Sigils connected to particular spirit names are more helpful.

Well they mentioned their names but they where kinda unpronounceable so they just instructed me that i should use the sigils because those are specifically connected with them.

unpronounceable !? can you give some name for example ? May be they are unpronounceable in English, but how about “Hindi” or “Devanagari” ? You know, in Hindi or Devanagari you can speak any type of name even complete unearthly or otherworldly names or words. Because, this two language has a unique feature called yuktakshara, which allows to fuse two or three letter and create fusion letter (yuktakshara). That’s why, bizarre worded mantas written and speak in this two languages, unspeakable in other languages. i think you should try them through google input tool Hindi or Google Hindi input.

some where Mgltsrshp, Aejishburgt, Shmsnbvctr, Mrkthgn’lgmah

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Ok, after converting these names into Devanagari script the following results come out; which turn out to be some beej mantras (Seed Mantra) !!! It seems they were giving you some beej mantra for themselves. Then also their sigils, which could be used as yantra, of-course if you know how to !

Impressive! Thanks for the feedback