Evocation of Etli'osh

I performed my first evocation of Etli’osh this evening. While I was gazing upon his sigil the entire room almost turned into a strobe like state, everything around me was flashing…several times I felt as if I was going to black out…the energy was very ‘thick’, it was almost like a thick blanket.

He came through…something odd at the end of the room moved, and the bed next to me moved as well, and there were several knocking noises coming from underneath the wooden floor. It was his way of telling me that he was there.

It was a perfect moment in time - me being there with my closest demon friend Etli’osh. All I could do was thanking him and giving him praise…he came to me ever since BOA arrived in my hands, he was always there in the background, and he gradually made himself more and more known to me.

I will carry on evoking him as often as I possibly can. Will keep everyone posted.

Thank you Etli’osh!!