Evocation of different entities at once

Several years back I saw E.A doing a video about evocation of different entities at once …like calling the first entity and then the second one…hence assigning them a task you wish for them to perform…

I don’t know if anyone in here have ever done that and if someone have tried can you be so kind To share you’re experience with us…the challenges… Difficulties you have encountered so far while performing the ritual…

REMEMBER this should not be confused with evocation of legions…

But evocation of different entities at once… Example calling Lucifer and Astaroth …at once…in a single evocation ritual that you’re performing…



The entities I work closely with will roll up quite quickly, but we have already established pacts and working relationships. This wont come in a day or even a week, but I find myself chanting their enns at work, in the car, at Walmart, etc. And the more you work with them, the quicker they can be felt and interacted with.

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I’m also not going to lie but giving up a small amount of bodily “essence” on their sigils on an altar sure gets their attention as well…but you didnt hear that from me :wink:

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Not a good idea, imo

There is nothing bad in that.

I could remember a memeber here have summoned both Tzadkiel and Raziel in a single evocation ritual.


I’ve done it before but only on purpose with spirits I have worked with individually first. Usually I will envoke one and others they will just show up and want me to work with them together. So I just sieze the opportunity.

There is a baneful ritual in EA’s book Baneful Magick in which 9 different demons are evoked at the same time. Never tried it but someone posted their experience with it, if I remember correctly, so you could try to search for it.

In my practices of spiritual alchemy there is the principle of the eight vocations.

  1. Vocation has two definitions that both apply very well to these spiritual concepts, the first being to Vocation as to employ or carry out the work. Second being to Vocate or to use your voice to command or to create as you speak, Abracadabra.

2.Invocation to call in, as words bare too much power than too mind.

3.Evocation to call out and to reflect in, the consequence of action.

4.Convocation a great work that employs more than one entity, usually done in conjuction of the greater work.

5.Provocation, usually done towards disobedient entities to reach a hostile conclusion.

6.Equivocation, the use of ambiguous language to conceal or avoid commitance.

7.Advocation, to not just play the advocate but to submit to the will of our higher self.

8.Revocation, the absolute withdrawl and dismissal of the entities.

By my personal definition evocation of different entities at one time falls under Convocation.


Yeah, Abramelin made mention of it too.

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OK I will do my research…

I evoked Clauneck and Bune at once and all I heard was a bunch of talking .



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Did you see them both…!?

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No I didn’t see them

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Maybe you summoned entities that are not relating at all…because the success of double entity evocation depends on the similarities of the spirits you’re calling…

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