Evocation of Deimos

Recently, I’ve been wondering how Deimos would react to others. I have a good relationship with him, and he seems really kind towards me. I wasn’t sure if that’d be the case for others, though, so now I’m wondering what experiences people would have when evoking him. I really want to take note of such experiences too.

If someone doesn’t know who I’m talking about:

  • He’s the god of terror
  • He’s the twin brother of Phobos, who’s also a god of fear
  • Son of the god Ares

Here’s his sigil:

Some offerings that may be good, but it’s just because of a gut feeling

  • Wine
  • I personally give him Mountain Dew. I don’t know if he truly favors it, though, lol.

Colors that I personally associate him with:

  • Red
  • Black

If any of you would like to evoke him, please do tell me your experience. I’m very interested on how he does with others, who don’t have a relationship with him.

((I would give examples of what he looks like, but I want you all to see what he appears like to you.))

If you really want to know how he appears to me:



Bumping this just in case this thread got buried. :grin:

I hope no one is iffy on calling on him, because he’s a god of fear. He doesn’t seem the type to scare anyone for no good reason. :thinking:

Thank you ! I didn’t know him at all.
For what kind of working could we call upon him ? My first thoughts are healing phobias and scare the hell of a sorry ass haha

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I have some evocations for tonight so I’ll definitely do this.

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Deimos is really great at scaring people to the point where they almost piss themselves. I’ve experienced his help before, and he seems to work quickly. He’s awesome!

Well I’ll think about him when I’ll have an enemy, for now I’m enjoying my peace :stuck_out_tongue:

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