Evocation of Bune

I’ve decided that I probably want to make Bune my primary demonic mentor. But before I tried to make a pact, I wanted to try to do an evocation to see if he will produce results. So I hiked out to a local National Park to do an evocation.

Here are the results: At first I had a tough time keeping my copal resin incense burning, so it broke my concentration several times. But eventually I was able to get into a deeper meditative state than I previously have been able to do. I did see the sigil floating around and such. I also chanted E.A.'s evocation words. Eventually I felt a chill up my spine and thought that I felt his presence. I asked him to open up the opportunity for a better, $22 per hour job doing something that I truly enjoy and that doors would be opened for me to make money on the side making occult items and other wood things that I like. I told him that in return I would proclaim his name to the nurse that I had at the hospital and on this forum. I asked for him to speak audibly to me or at least make it very clear that I heard and agreed. I didn’t really hear a definite answer.

That night I had bad dreams the whole night. One was almost like an out of body experience. I dreams/feelings that some dark entity like a bat-like man was flying in my camp. It was a very unpleasant night’s sleep. This could have just been because I was camping in a very remote area and was creeped out. It’s real hard to say. But I felt something in my camp.

Any thoughts?

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Did you forget to firmly dismiss Bune? In the past, I’ve had what I thought were nightmares caused by the spirit that I was working with. But in actuality it was because I didn’t fully dismiss the spirit. The energy they leave behind can sometimes clash with ours and (while I’ve never known it to be harmful) it can cause our subconscious to believe we are being attacked when we aren’t.

No, Seeker, I did not. Maybe that is what caused the problems.

So I had more weird dreams last night. I don’t remember the specifics, just that they were unpleasant. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of it being the result of a mundane mental problem. These things are hard to determine.

People have weird and bad dreams naturally, and maybe you’re finding this more stressful than you’re aware of?

I don’t wish to be arrogant, but read some of my posts about Buné maybe, because I’ve found the spirit to be most gentle and concerned with helping, and not at all hostile, nor traditionally “demonic” in the sense of malice or ill-will. Getting a different opinion might help, if you have some subconscious fears about the spirit?

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Do the LBRP.

You may be correct Lady Eva. I come from a strongly Christian Family. So this may be causing mental angst. Tonight may tell more.

Sometimes when establishing initial psychic contact with entities, you may get darker type dreams. Also nightmares are known to happen as you start to reprogram yourself for the things you want in life consciously, as the subconscious may feel threatened, thereby giving you “bad” dreams to deter you from making changes it’s not comfortable with.

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