Evocation of Bune

I bought the booklet “How to Conjure a Spirit.” I went through the steps but did not see anything or even feel much. I sent him forth to arrange for a non family member nor friend to give me 5000 dollars within a week for the purpose of buying my dad a shed and to put in savings. Is that unrealistic?

Highly unrealistic.
Why would a stranger give you that much cash?

I figured it might be unrealistic (although I was aiming for a casual aquaintance or something like that, not a stranger necessarily). I am still trying to determine what types of requests are realistic. One thing for sure is I am not going to waste my time with magick if it can only produce things that I could also get through ordinary means. To me, my time would be much better spent pursuing things I KNOW will produce results such as improving work related skill sets. What would be a more realistic request during evocation to achieve that goal?

Magic is often not miraculous. It works through pathways that already exist. You still have to work for your goal.
Where do you produce money? Is it flexible? Ie, can you increase your pay, or is it a fixed paycheck? If your main source of income isn’t flexible, can you otherwise make extra money?

I work construction. But my passion is woodworking and finish carpentry. I want to turn that into a full time business working out of my shop. I would like to begin making high end magick altars if there is a market for it.

Do you think E.A. is not being completely honest when he says that he can do an evocation for an item and that item is almost immediately on his doorstep so to speak?

Why don’t you advertise your services on occult boards and maybe someone will take you up on it. You should show examples of your work.

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I do, because I’ve done it as well myself and I have nothing to gain from sharing this, also, it’s something I talked about from when I first joined this forum, and I’d planned to leave after the first month or so because I didn’t want to get drawn in.

I shared my views on what’s realistic to expect at the start in another thread - some stranger sending you $5000 is the kind of thing you’d struggle with if you heard it, someone you know winning $50,000 on the lottery and sending you a share, that’s not so hard to believe. Same with getting some overtime or some commission to do a piece of work, and so on.

Here’s one I shared last January that’s a similar thing - smaller, but delivered almost immediately: Something that’s been working for me…

Yes, you can warp reality and get results that defy these, and get things appear virtually out of nowhere - but just like YES, it’s possible for most people to run a marathon, you still need to train and develop those “muscles” and so on - just because I right now cannot run 26 miles in a few hours, doesn’t mean that either they lie, who say that have done this, nor that I can’t ever hope to - it just means there are stages between where I am and where I’d need to be to achieve that goal.

Suppose someone gets appendicitis, taking their appendix out could save their life - this is a known thing, people do it all the time.

But that doesn’t mean anyone can, with no training, right? Magick’s an art and science in that respect, you make progress, it’s not a (pardon the term) Harry Potter situation with haves and have-nots. :slight_smile:


Thanks to you both. Eva, I will do an evocation tomorrow in which I will ask for Bane or Claunek to arrange for a friend to give me 1000 dollars. I will also ask that spirit to help me acquire customers for my woodworking projects that I want to see develop into a full time business. That should be more realistic.

It’s also sometimes good to focus on the results you want from the money (I do better at this and seems a few people do) - for example, just the shed (regardless of how it comes to you - which leaves far more routes open, LOTS of people have something good, a piece of porperty, and are happy to offload it for some reason) and then whatever you wanted the savings for, like security, start a business, pay for something etc.

That can be easier for some people, some of the time (I’m not trying to plant limitations on you!) so thought I’d mention it.

Is it Bane or Bune?


Ok. Here is a thread about Bune:


Good for a bit of cash but not much.

Thanks Globalitz. I so much appreciate everyone’s help on here. I think if we were all being honest, we would have to recognize that we’re on the fringe of society and a bit odd. So it’s great to have people available to take us seriously.

Regarding getting what we “need” and not necessarily what we want: 1) We only “need” to eat four times per month. So my time is better spent working where I can make 10 times what I need to physically survive just working a part time job. Magick, for that purpose, is as worthless as white Magick. Maybe I am giving myself too much credit, but my time is worth way more than that. For now, I will give Eva’s optimistic view a shot. After that, I will just forget the whole magick thing and focus on just improving my skill set at work. Again, I am not interested in magick if it can only give me that which I could get for myself through hard /smart work.

That sounds like you have a “Plan B”?

Thing about anyone’s Plan B is, it’s what they really believe in their heart of hearts will work - “Sammy, darling do try to become a rock star if you want, but please take your accountacy exams as well so you have something to fall back on.”

That’s the Plan B, no-one assumes accountancy will flop and Sammy will have to go back on stage in front of thousands to pay the bills. :slight_smile:

Plan B is what’s guaranteed to work, so, by implication you MAY be telling yourself magick won’t work for you.

I say this not to criticise or convert you - I don’t use magick for every single thing in my life, and I’d think it was weird if someone did - just to point out that you’re holding back somewhat.

I may not be a super wiz and capable of magicking up a Porsche into the garage from thin air (YET - working on it!), but I am pretty good at slow-growing stuff, and one thing I have in my favour (I believe) is that I started doing magick as a kid, when we have looser defintions of what’s “real” AND also a less harsh view on the pass/fail thing.

I think this helped me - what I did started with a natural playfulness and I wasn’t ready to give up right away since it was partially a game to me back then.

One fail didn’t mean I had to write it all off, in fact didn’t mean my emotions tempted me to do that, because kids are used to the idea things won’t go right first time in a way an adult’s ego finds harder to handle (understandably so - we’re more used to being competent and in control of our lives through necessity).

Other people start as adults of course, and succeed wonderfully (lots of people are better than me at for example money magick) so again, I’m not trying to say my way is right, just highlighting things I think might hold you back.

I doubt most endeavours would succeed if the person hasn’t made the decision to commit 100% to having them, because deep down they don’t believe it’s possible?

In your situation (as I’m guessing it) I wouldn’t be asking Buné (who I love very much for her help with talking to my ancestors) for a lump sum, which you don’t know for sure you’ll get and maybe don’t believe in - I’d ask someone like Belial or King Paimon to influence your boss to pay you a higher rate for the exact same hours worked, or added employee benefits, or whatever.

More juice for less effort. That’s the kind of thing where I can see magick making a serious change for the better, away from doubts and worries about channels of manifestation, etc…

Just some thoughts… you must choose as your common sense dictates of course, and like I said, not trying to convert you or anything. :slight_smile:

Don’t know about you guys but I want it all. Including gold bars. :slight_smile:

I totally damned well plan to manifest stuff from thin air and make reality bend to my will like it would in a daydream…

But I don’t allow the fact I can’t do the flashy stuff as consistantly, stop me going for what I CAN have… I guess that’s what I’m trying to get across here. :slight_smile:

In no other field of human accomplishment do beginners (no disrespect intended) insist they’ll give up if their FIRST results fail to match or surpass known models of what’s achievable in that field, and within the existing laws of physics etc.

Imagine someone in Year 1 of med school saying they’ll quit if they’ve not cured cancer by the end of their very first term? That’s how I see it anyway, for whatever it’s worth.

I will give it my best shot and give me plenty of chances to “fail” before I give up. :slight_smile:

My experience with lord Bune is that he does deliver and often very fast, but I still have to work for it.I would recommend working with Bune, if you wish to go into business for yourself. That is precisely what I have done, with his help. My life is so much better. Just don’t forget to acknowledge him for his help, or you will get kicked in the hip pocket, though it’s never been hard. Bune is also a spirit of eloquence, very useful in written promotion and talking up business.
What I do is meditate on Bune’s sigil and once I feel connexion, make my request. I totally agree with not stating the amount of money. Say, “I want to buy a shed for Dad.”, “I want my own business”. The latter request may be better defined, if broken into steps.
I wouldn’t give up on magick just yet. You were drawn to it for a reason.

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