Evocation Of Beleth. The Demon King

I Usually went to Evoke this Demon King of Hell In The Behalf of My Client Who Asked for a familiar and his Senses and Magical Abilities to Be Enhanced. There’s a lot of Demons And spirits that I could use for the Aid of My Client But One Stood Out… Beleth.

This Ritual Happened after My Grand finale with The Gatekeepers which I put myself on a new mission in this Life, in This Incarnation: 1.Godhood. 2.Creation. 3.Empire.
Before I still Worked with Beleth but it was on behalf of my clients again and a few times when I was working with the demonic kings, not the gatekeepers.

I was Able To Understand That Working With The Demonic Kings Will Help me Build the Empire Part. I am Still Young Guy, A Very Young Guy For this but an extreme hunger for wealth, riches, and leaving my mark on the world was here. So I asked Myself what I truly want? I want an Empire, a Great Empire not just on this earth but in the spiritual Plane. During my Last Few Weeks With Satan The Final Gatekeeper I been Told to have this vision and fight with it, to fight for it, to carry it, and inject it. One of The Things that Lucifuge Told me About this is that I must widen and Define my Definition of The Empire part, the third part, The Third of my “Commandments” of Myself. Then The Empire Must be The Legacy of this world. The Empire is The Mark on this world. What you Believe in, What you will fight four.

During My Work with Baal as the gatekeeper, he gave me Four spirits that will surround me in a circle of fires. I worked with that four spirits in Reverse Possession, sort of anchoring them forth and making them mine. These Spirits are part of the Empire, They are my Four Obelisks of Abundance in this Life, In this Incarnation.

Beleth Communion

I already know that this will be a pathworking, a big one to say the least. I will be Evocating, Calling forth, and Incarnating Beleth in Possesions to do my will. I am now in the starting phase of the pathworking meaning I didn’t do any big rituals but I am in silent communion with the Knight in a Pale Horse. I Look upon him in the eye and I am shaking. The True Presence of Beleth Causes Shakes and Temples and when he arrives the Sound of Trumpets is heard for the Demon King Arrives. In my Silent Communion with Beleth, I understood what he can give which is Power over Chaos and command over armies. It is said that beleth takes fierce Forms before the Magician but when I look upon this beast in the eyes in silent communion to do my will.
Paimon in my newest Book which you can find in my profile there was a prophecy about this work. So let’s Get It!

“To Become The Prince-Emperor, The Transition must be Severe.”

Sincerely, X.Agathokleous. (Xag Darklight.)