Evocation of Azazel

Hello. I am new to this fourm but I have poked around a bit to get a feel for it. I feel that I can trust the advice givin here. This will be my first evocation. As I have been reading much of BOA and other grimoires.

I am planning on an evocation of Azazel so that I may use his Nether Dra’talon. Must one ask the permission of Azazel to use this nether? Or can one simply use the BOA and evoke this entity to take care of an obsticle that blocks ones path to enlightenment. I do have a few questions on the evocation itself.

  1. The Circle of Demonic Pacts.
    -Is it required to use the fetish items listed by Waite in his “book of ceremonial magick”? Or is the detailed drawing of this triangle of pacts fine on its own drawn on either canvas or on the ground in chalk?

  2. The Gateway of Pacts.

  • Must the gateway of pacts be placed outside of the circle? Much like the triangle of manifestation “triangle of solomon”? Or around the operators circle of Demonic pacts. I wasnt to clear on this in the BOA.

Thank you in advance for any and all help to be givin. This is a great time of need for me. I am at my witts end and I have been putting off my development for too long. I am not ready and want to make 100% sure that I am doing everything correctly.


When I evoked Dra’talon I wasn’t in a pact with Azazel but I did call him (as he’s one of the Gatekeepers) before I began the actual ritual.
There’s a thread about Dra’talon in the Baneful magick section of the forum where you can find some more information and ideas.

I’m not sure I can answer correctly your question about the circle of pacts but for the Gateway of Pacts yes, it should be placed outside the circle.

I’ll be using roughly the same method as Nereid next month and it seems not only affective but a solid choice to go with. To answer you questions:

  1. No you don’t need the fetish items around the DCOP, you technically don’t even have to use the DCOP and can use a standard circle if you chose.

  2. The gateway of pacts is either used in place of an evocation circle or used outside the circle as a triangle of manifestation.

Good luck.

Im gradually realizing that while there are a lot of guidelines to this work, there arent really many “rules”.
I use the COP and GOP, but some of my most powerful experiences were with nothing but a sigil and some incense. Your intention and state of mind are more important than anything.

Thank you all for your guidance. I am going to be drawing up my circle infused with my blood this weekend. I just need a censer and I will be ready. I will post back here with details.