Evocation of Azazel-live ritual

Hi EA! Just watched the video, could you please let us know if the incantations in Latin language are from a specific book? Which is that book?
Thank you

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I wrote these conjurations, as perversions of the Rite of Exorcism found in the Roman Book of Rituals used by the Catholic Order of Exorcists.

Instead of exorcising and explanting the possessing evil spirits and invoking the angels and the “holy” spirit, I simply inverted the syntax of the words to “eradicare et explantare” the angels and the holy spirit and to call in the unclean spirits.

Also, rather than doing this in the name of “Patri et fili et spiritus sancti” (The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost), I changed this to “Satan Potentisissimus et Antichristus et Falsus Vates.” The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit can be seen as aspects of ourselves (as the only True Living Gods); similarly, The Great Beast, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet are aspects of the Black Magician. The Great Beast is the uncontrollable and seemingly chaotic power within us which can either devour all that is in a Gotterdammerung surge, or can set events into a higher order (which seems like chaos to the mundane mind, but is the genius of perfect order hidden within chaos), if it is embraced.

The Antichrist is the spirit of rebellion, the adversarial self which despises and seeks to destroy all who would position themselves in authority above us.

And, the False Prophet is the Seer and Revelator who is his or her own higher authority, the Wandering Apostle who is simultaneously his or her own God, Messiah, Prophet, and Disciple.

These are invoked through these invocations.



Thank you very much for the answer EA! I feel very proud I am the one I have received an answer from you!

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Fucking brilliant!


Dark Greetings,E.A…

Thanks for this forum and all the hard work you do, firstly. I am wondering why when making the pact you are committing both to Ascension and remaining in the pit. The wording is confusing to me. Am I missing something? Thanks and be well!

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Does it have to be Antichrist? What about Antikhrisna or Antiallah or Antibuddha?


About “Antibuddha”:

The Thing is that buddha was teaching a logickal ~a more clear way to see the things, the world and existence in general.

Everything you can observe is not your self.

Later when some tyrants saw a chance to get power, and as some lazy ass theorists were to stupid to meditate, buddhism perverted into another way to rule over people.
Example: the lama system in tibet, and “zen” (which doesn’t bring you to buddhas goal at all).
~Actually: the most of todays “”“buddhism”"" in western countries is more like another brahmanism. ~A system in which you seek for excuses to do what ever you want, but to still fight your guilt created by your assumptions/ indoctrinated ideas of “”“good”"" and “evil”.

Thats why a lot monks in india eat meat, and some of those western “buddhists” can be found as hipsters, who just seek for some image or fake-“identity”.

~ok, back to the core topic:

Buddhism= a way meditative, neutral, indifferent view on all that exists,
with the goal to get out of this pain, out of the world.
Goal: to [just] exist in peace.

Warning: What is written about some mythical creatures like: vampires, that they can’t truely love is also true to all the gods (my assumption) because a human is driven by ones emotions
~THAT HUMAN BEING IS ITS EMOTIONS, but if one gets some more distance to those, one sees the things more clearly, but looses ones ability to love like before.

One is not angry anymore but has anger.
One is not in love anymore, but has that feeling.
One is not sad anymore, but has that feeling.
One does not fear anymore, but has anxiety.

And because the one HAS those things, one can get rid of them, because it is not what he is.

What a “antibuddha” should be (my point of view):**

Someone who keeps the meditation, but its for the purpose of getting controll over ones existence in this world, in order to stay, and to do what ever one wants.

BUT: one enjoys the emotions, enjoys the flesh.
And meditates only for the purpose, of seeing the problem or obstacle more clearly, in order to fix it.

A “antibuddha” is a god walking on earth, and instead to flee the pain, one creates a world for ones pleasure.

What a “antibuddha” also could be, but i wouldn’t recommend at all:

An stupid animal. So much believing that it is its happyness, freedom, anxiety, -et cetera (including: the body), that it looses its sense for the future, and goals in general.


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