Evocation Of Azazel : Live Ritual

Evocation Of Azazel - Live Ritual

Don’t miss this one, it’s really cool - starts with a look round E.A.'s temple, then onto the pacts he sealed for people with Azazel, I saw some incredible energy artefacts in the video as well.

I just watched it !!! From what book is he reading the part in Latin language? and which sort of paper is he using?

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too many bells and whistles for me. i prefer barebones rituals, the fewer tools the better.

I don’t know, but it looked to me like a personal journal, reading an incantation written for this specific bit of work?

and which sort of paper is he using?

He mentioned a few times it was parchment paper.

I don’t know, but it looked to me like a personal journal, reading an incantation written for this specific bit of work?

Could you please (or someone else from the staff) ask him if it is a personal incantation or it is from a specific book?

The number of unwanted Vfx and Sfx in the above video are damn too high ! :3

I like that stuff, there’s never been anything exactly like this before - genuine recordings of actual black magick, by someone who believes in it and is competent, captured on camera in so much detail.

The mental states and shifts in perception you get doing ritual work don’t show up on camera, so I think it’s telling a kind of higher truth to add some CGI afterwards, but that’s JMO. :slight_smile:

That flame does some pretty cool stuff and that’s devoid of sfx, anyway, and there’s plenty going on energetically in the video as well.

I love this kind of thing, I hope it flourishes and I most sincerely hope my kids, should I have some (by the normal route) get to see this kind of thing and accept it as part of the human heritage.

cristinica, I don’t know E.A. to speak to, but do go ahead and pop a question in the Q&A section here, or maybe onto his Facebook page?

Yea I also respect EA for revolutionizing Magic . I have learnt Very Much from his books , seminars etc.

But these audio/visual effects CAN create doubts in people …especially Newbies that if they are not Getting these kind of things during Evocation. They MUST be doing something Wrong. But that’s Just me. People may have different opinions :slight_smile:

E.a is a great magus but in my belief if the pact can not be created by the operater they have no business seeking a pact

Does he actually evoke Azazel? I have this video in my watch later list on youtube but I was asking because every time I watch him do a live evocation the spirit he is calling tends to manifest before me as like I am connecting with his video so deeply that his words end up evoking the spirit for me too. I don’t mean for this to happen but it does so that’s why I was wondering if he actually does an evocation or just talks about his past experiences so I can be prepared in case Azazel ends up appearing before me.

This normally happens when I’m watching an evocation of a spirit that has been calling out to me or that I feel attracted to, and lately the name Azazel has been everywhere around me. But I definitely want to see it if you get a brief “tour” of his temple.

Just because someone doesn’t have the skill to evoke or make a pact with these beings themselves doesn’t mean that someone whose experienced in this art form couldn’t do it for them. The psychodrama from such an act could and will most likely awaken someone’s latent psychic abilities for the amount of time the pact is supposed to last. Furthermore, these beings interact with us through our subconscious minds. Everyone goes to the subconscious realm when they sleep. Even if someone didn’t know how to see these beings they would still receive information and gnosis from them as if they evoked them themselves. This could be received during dreams whether or not the individual remembers them or not. If the desire is there the results will follow.

Yes, also the 4 Gatekeepers - but yes he calls on Azazel, I kept seeing his sigil flash, along with some other stuff, and that wasn’t CGI (mainly because it was several inches in front of the screen!).

I have this video in my watch later list on youtube but I was asking because every time I watch him do a live evocation the spirit he is calling tends to manifest before me as like I am connecting with his video so deeply that his words end up evoking the spirit for me too.

lol I know! We just don’t have anything to compare it to, because I’m not aware of any other serious rituals that are filmed, there are lots of people on YouTube mucking about and giggling, or getting freaked out and putting long notes in the descriptions afterwards about stuff they experienced, but nothing on a par with this.

Internet and forum cooties are a real thing, though - I’ve had spirits come into my life not only from these videos, but regular members on here, like the first time Santisima Muerte appeared to me, she did so through the posts Euoi made here, using that link, and there have been several others as well.

@Element, it’s common in core shamanism, which takes a totally different “white light” oriented approach most of the time, for someone to retrieve a spirit animal for someone at the start of their studies, which then boosts their power to act on their own.

I’ve done that and seen it done, and seen the results, so I actually have absolute faith it’s possible and beneficial to have an intermediary at times. :slight_smile:

I just dont get why E.A. never manifests a spirit in the smoke in his live rituals.

I thought the video was authentic and captured what E.A was trying to do.

Ritual is very hard to relate to especially as an outsider, or even as a magician looking on because so much of it is personal and more importantly…very internal.

This can be hard to capture on camera and therefore could easily come across as synthetic simply because we are not connected to it like the operator needs to be. To combat this, I think E.A does a good job with the special effects as he doesn’t over use them, he just simply tries to give a good impression of what is happening internally through his own perception.

I agree with Eva as not much of this type of footage is shot and most of it is just a farce and downright disrespectful to the application of magic, so I would give E.A credit here as he is treading on new ground.

As for what was said about why the spirit never manifested? A spectator looking at a video will probably never see a spirit as their minds are not in alignment with the proceedings. Some other people however may actually have an altered awareness happening due to experience in these matters and could have an unscheduled materialisation as such (This can be triggered because of previous liaisons).

I have had only one endeavour with Azazel and he never appeared to me at all, his presence came up behind me instead and spoke over my shoulder, so I’ve never seen him. If E.A did live rituals of spirits I’ve evoked in the past then I may have got an appearance from them like RavensAscent mentioned.

Spirits don’t appear to me like a normal human being standing in front of me, they tend to look like a visual impression or structured awareness, which could easily get you questioning if its real or not. It’s alot like looking beyond your present reality where you currently are and wanting to see what is out there without trying too hard or indeed at all, a sense of presence and knowing takes over you.

You must have your ‘Valve’ open to see spirits, which means you must be in a state of mindfulness and not conscious of the proceedings or you will be analysing and judging instead. This is one of the main reasons why many will not see spirits.

*I have worked with my ‘Dark Sorceress’ (egregore) now for over 9 months and I can see her at times walking through the house and then she disappears as soon as I think too much about it. This happened the other night as I went to the bathroom. I tend to see her alot on the stairs when my mind is in a relaxed but non-judgemental state. Spirits appear many times at crossover points or between worlds, maybe this is why I see her alot on the stairs as this is a point in the house that goes from one place to another?

E.a is a great magus but in my belief if the pact can not be created by the operater they have no business seeking a pact

Element, you’re so wrong there! of course the Operator can create a pact! Most voodoo and Hoodoo marabouts in Africa have amongst leurs services, pacts they arranged with many of the main demons and princes of the Devils, which they get people who want, to enter into. I can give you many email addresses of those Masters, if you wish, and you can go and enter into a pact with the demon of your. They welcome visitors from all over the world for those services; Of course, you have to pay for them, but you can be assured of a quick service if you do not wish to work for long years by yourself. You actually get proof, when the demon called appears, whether your senses are honed up or not.

You never know, he might be but maybe only some people can see it?

But I think it’s because many of the more organized spirits will not manifest themselves in a way that can be caught on camera if they know the ritual will be filmed and if they do manifest intentionally it’s usually in an animal form or something that we clearly recognize but others would see as just a coincidence no different from imagining a shape in the clouds. Some have slipped thru the cracks before on accident but I’m sure they know how humans are, and that their image would most likely end up on the internet somewhere or on youtube starting a huge argument amongst the viewers “that’s fake thanks for wasting my time”, “no it’s not fake I have seen this demon he’s real”, “whatever go get your head checked you’re crazy”.

Human spirits and some other types of spirits that don’t normally work with humans but either ignore them or work against them (hauntings and the like), now they appear on camera frequently. Theory seems to be, because they are less reserved and less concerned about concealment of their image and that some want to be seen either to scare you away from what they believe is still their property or so you can help them.

Exactly…spirits can come through in many ways depending on the situation and how we are feeling at that moment in time. This will determine their appearance, shape and form.

I’ve had them come through in wonderful emotional waves of vibration, I’ve walked through the woods and been captured by a beautiful spot which spoke to me like the faeries do, I’ve seen astral wolves running through the corn fields at harvest time and most people would say that It’s the wind you silly basturd > or your imagination is carrying you away again Gordon but I know what I saw!

Then again, I’m an occultist and know a thing or two about the nature of our invisible friends.

That was my first thought but I realize there could be lots of reasons for asking for help. New magician unsure of their abilities to evoke the correct way, maybe afraid since they can’t hear or see the spirit they will unintenionally anger him/her or not provide the correct offering. I also imagine that a great deal of the magicians who use these services are those with fears caused by previous religious beliefs. Fears like that can linger in some even with a change in beliefs, so they wanted an expert to do it the correct way so they could get a feel for working with demons before attempting it themselves.

As others said, the person the pact was made for, they get this evidence in some way even though they didn’t do the pact themselves. I haven’t spoken to anyone that used E.A. or S.Ben’s services and was not satisfied. They all get their proof in one way or another and I guess the comfort of knowing a master sorcerer did the work for them, they feel more confident that nothing will go wrong. Because most of these people contact the entity themselves in the future, but they wanted someone else to do it for them the first time to see what happens.

As many requests as I get from people asking me to do physical and magickal favors for them, I’m about to start charging for it. I get requests from multiple social sites and people are unaware of just how often I get asked to do favors like this because of course, to honor the privacy of the person asking for help I never discuss it publicly. I’m sure some would call me greedy anyway but I get so many requests like this, If I responded to them all I would literally be spending 70-85% of my day evoking spirits and doing spells for others with no time to do my chores, no time to oversee the operations of my online businesses so my stores would eventually lose sales due to lack of upkeep, no time to do magick for myself and connect with the spirits I have promised to do things for, and I would be doing all that for free.

I hate to turn someone down that is very beginner and has a serious problem that I feel needs to be handled but many people don’t understand how much time this can consume and if you say, hey I need to be paid for this because I am neglecting my other responsibilities to help others some just don’t understand that and they label you as a greedy bitch or try to pull the guilt trip thing. It’s no different than a regular job. Would you expect your mechanic to repair your car without charging you for the 2 days worth of labor he did, without charging you for the parts he had to order? No you wouldn’t, so it’s no different when a magician asks for payment because they are taking time out of their personal life, using their incense/candles/oils etc.