Evocation of Alloces

I had a very powerful evocation with the demon Alloces last night, using Ritual 1 from Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick. I called on him to bind an enemy - a particularly manipulative, controlling little b***h… I’ve worked with a few demons from that book but never had such a powerful experience in this case! Before I even said his name, the candle went absurdly insane - the flame grew very high, flickered all over the place and then started melting down so fast and into a different shape, it was incredible! Literally, half the candle melted in the space of about 10 minutes!

Definitely felt his presence all around and a strong heat in my chest area. Anyway at the end I took a picture of the candle so you can see what I mean…I noticed it looked like the shape of an animal’s paw on the candleholder coming towards me. I was a bit stunned when I looked up his appearance and read that he can appear as a solder with a lion’s head, riding a horse.


I had the same thing happen with the candle during an evocation with Alloces.