Evocation of A Dark God: Xalas

Whats up guys?

This entity came from EA Koettings book Works of Darkness. There is no Information about him at all on google.
So i decided to invoke him and this was my experience:

He appeares to me as a Warrior in Godlen armor with a Golden Sword. His head was the Head of Baphomet, but with long Ram horns. His arms were very muscular and strong. His whole body was soaked with Blood.

I asked him,
“Xalas, what is necessary for Ascent?”

He replied,
"Darkness, Power, and Blood. Not your physical blood. It requires the Awakening of the energies in your Blood, your DNA.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears.
You have put in the sweat, you have shed the Tears, now its time for Blood. Activate that which is within you and CRUSH all weakness from your DNA.".

He brought back to mind my plan in the beginning of my Ascent to work on my Blood to purify it and mix it with Shivas energy so when i have kids, they will have all my power and Attainment to add to their own.

At this point, i asked for his flames and power.
He grabbed my Astral head, ripped it off and crushed it with his hands.
My energy came out my head and was a cloud of grayish black tar almost. He took that, reformed my head, and screwed it back onto my neck complete with the power and flames i requested.

I saw myself with a black robe on, red eyes underneath.
Blue flames were blazing on the top of my head.

And thus Ends the Evocation of Xalas



Do you have the sigil or any other information?


I do not @Shadowmage. There is no sigil on the internet and i have not recieved the guidance to make one.

You can just call his name tho


Amazing, that’s totally interesting

This is cool…very interesting.

Explain to me the part about Shiva and how you did it.