Evocation noob

So… can somebody help me with evocation? Not necessarily help WITH it, just give me some advice, or pointers… like, what breathing sequence, style or whatever should I use to attain the necessary brain waves? Theta isn’t it? Shoul I use a meditatiove frequency on youtube? What tools and layout do I need? What I know, or think I know is this : circle of salt (or flour) candles 1 behind 1 on each side, and 1 in front. Incense censor (mines home made, and it shattered since it was glass and I was a rushing fool with that ritual I tried) in front of me… I intent to manifest astaroth, or bathin first… I’m new at this and have questions I’m not so sure about, I just want to get into this and begin my dark path… any advice is much appreciated, pm me if you’d like to talkk about this whole thing, I used to be a “pagan” working with energy, the chakras, and kundalini, haven’t so much worked with that since discovering this… and I have some pretty cool/crazy experiences I could share

Try reading some books on the subject…

Baphomet I hear that is indeed helpful, I may purchase a few myself.

Nah, hand-holding is much better. Especially with children.


There is a very powerful sigil hidden in plain sight on this very forum. I have decided to break the shackles of silence and risk great personal safety so that all of YOU may benefit.

Activate this hidden and arcane sigil by clicking upon it and push your intention into this gateway of knowledge.

[quote="-TWF-, post:5, topic:3315"]There is a very powerful sigil hidden in plain sight on this very forum. I have decided to break the shackles of silence and risk great personal safety so that all of YOU may benefit.

Activate this hidden and arcane sigil by clicking upon it and push your intention into this gateway of knowledge.


Holy crap! Thanks TWF!

Your very welcome Omnipresent, the credit truly goes to EA and Timothy as EA was not only the first magician to be able to harness the power of the magick squares found in the Kingdoms of Flame he decided to take it a step further and collaborated with Timothy to make the first Rectangle of “Oh Shit a SEARCH Function!!!”

Thanks EA, I’d take my hat off to you but I’m bald and burn easily.

These posts on the page reminds me of the marketing for E.A’s products. They draw me in haha.

-----> http://www.becomealivinggod.com/masteringevocation/

I’ve read several books on the subject… and I don’t have the money for e.a.s course, I want to book a consultation, but I don’t have the money for that either… here, I make 881/month, have a house payment, property taxed coming up (which are 800) a loan to pay, college to attend, and other bills I can barely afford, no to mention food, so I just can’t afford it, I’ve read books by ea, I just have some questions, that have been answered someone… I appreciate the high level of sarcasm, but I’m not an idiot. I may not be at yur level in the arts, or anywhere close, and that’s why I came here to ask questions and discuss things, so I may learn and gain experience and knowlegde, sorry for bothering you all, I just wanted some professional advice.

As was pointed out by TWF, search the forum. All the answers to your questions are there, especially info on getting into the Theta/Gamma Sync (the brain state necessary), as many have struggled with that.

As to information on layout, etc, it all depends on what system you follow. Some here use nothing but their mind and Will, while others go with full Golden Dawn regalia. You can evoke in any way you see fit. It is all for YOU, anyway, not the spirit. They don’t care, really, as long as you don’t mix mythologies, and try to command an angel by the name of Ra, or something. If you have read books on evocation, then follow one of them, if you are unsure of what to do.

Sorry for the sarcasm, but we have been asked the same questions, over and over, and it gets tiresome. They have been answered ad nauseum in many threads.

Its fine, mostly I just struggle with the theta gamma frequency, and as pointed out, takng things to literal, and making myself worry about being perfect so much that it fucks up the ritual, like I seen somewhere, if it was so easy, everyone would be doing it. I think maybe the fact that I have wolf parkinson white syndrome ( a heart condition trapping energy in my heart) may be a bit of a problem in calming my breathing and heart rate effectively enough to reach the trance state necessary, but there’s always a work around, maybe ill have to learn lucid dreaming and conjure a spirit there or something I don’t know, ill figure this out. If there’s one thing about me its I’m dedicated, and I don’t give up so easy. My mindset is intent on bringing about these powers and manifesting my desires. Thanks for the help eh? Ill be talking to you all of my experiences on a later date, or (and my apologies) possibly asking more stupid questions that y’all have heard before, as I haven’t specifically stated, I have research all of this quite extensively and dramatically, there’s just still questions left unanswered, but I guess for them to become so, things must be put to experience eh? Thanks for helping

if a newbie doesn’t even KNOW what the theta/gamma sync is or that it exists, doing a search for it won’t help them.

i suggested he buy the course because it teaches everything.

that’s another reason why you NEED to find the money somehow to get the course.

let’s put the system that you want to buy to the test: in it ea has an abramelin square he has used to manifest money. you can read more about that here, and try doing a ritual to raise the money to buy the course. you can read more about that here: http://bit.ly/1nemuXW

[quote="-TWF-, post:5, topic:3315"]There is a very powerful sigil hidden in plain sight on this very forum. I have decided to break the shackles of silence and risk great personal safety so that all of YOU may benefit.

Activate this hidden and arcane sigil by clicking upon it and push your intention into this gateway of knowledge.


You have opened the flood gates of occult knowledge TWF!!! ROFL xD

I’m not that much of a noob, I’ve read about theta/gamma, and I know what it is, but I can’t easily find information on getting to that point… before coming here I read on angelfire666.com on satanism, raising kundalini, all that good stuff, downloaded a book on chakra meditations and different things of that nature, put up to volume three into practice, turned pagan, put different energy works into practice, read something about uv indigo knights about completely destroying the chakra system (I think they believe all spiritual entities are bad) and studied a bit of that, they said something about auraralite rocks and some other rock, and a kryogenic egg of energy around yu or something, continued pagan energy working with a darker twist, praying to wiccan gods and what not, didn’t like that, discovered e.a. searching about how I can attain godhood, and his book came up, read it, read a couple others, got into a fantasy book series, studies more of black magic, put that to practice and here I am! I went through a lot of learning to get to this point and I still learn something new every day and intend to keep it that way until I master all of this and then learn some more! I’ve read all sorts of different theories and what not, and aside from the concepts to put to practice I have some theories of my own, considering I seem to be pretty intuitive, that might be of interest to some of you here, although since I’m a noob it would seemingly have already occured to y’all that my theories are either already believed, being scoured, or thought of and completely obsolete, but id still like to compare notes with someone that doesn’t care that compared to damn near if not everyone on here, I’m a complete dumbass

before i start, let me repeat myself:

-----> http://www.becomealivinggod.com/masteringevocation/

ok, now let’s get into it.

-----> http://www.becomealivinggod.com/masteringevocation/

oh so you came here from the joy of satan site. expect to take a knock or two based on that but hey, we all have to start somewhere, right?

i hate to say it but you wasted a lot of time. you learned a lot of (most likely MIS)info about a lot of advanced subjects and NOTHING about the basics.

do this and then when you’re done go back to all that other stuff:
-----> http://www.becomealivinggod.com/masteringevocation/

don’t worry about it. if your ideas are good put them up. you’ll get a lot more mileage out of what you post if it is experience-based or an insight you gained from doing your own evocations rather than rehashing something you read. armchair occultists will argue about what you read but nobody can argue about what you DO so keep it based on what you do and you’ll always be learning.

Well a lot of my theories are things I’ve experienced, but other ones are conclusions I’ve came to think might be possible based on my intuition on things I’ve read and comtemplating different possibilities related to the logistics of spirituality (for lack of a better word) and thinking of just different things that may happen, and may have happened, like I.e. the theory, okay, I’ve read that through black magic, raising a dead persons soul back to body is possible (I almost doubt this to be true but I really don’t personally know, and hope this doesn’t make me look even more idiotic to all of you than already do) and my theory with that is, jesus was raised back to light, and trained to corrupt humanity away from black magic, by mages wishing to keep black magic from the unworthy and craft a world they wish without black magic being a possibility to the ones that they do not personally choose, thus creating christianity from jesus, and corrupting a story with much twist and warps to make people not even contemplate magik. Just a theory, but it may have potential

then post those

and keep all that philosophical shit to yourself. that kind of thinking is a total waste of time

Just get on with it and keep notes. Then come back and report on what didn’t work for you if you need to.

If you don’t know where to start then review the seminar on evocation EA has on youtube.