Evocation Muscle Spasms?

Just recently, whenever I’m doing an evocation ritual, I’ve been having minor muscle spasms, like twitching, in my hands and sometimes other body parts. It’s occurred in my last three rituals. Is it just me or could it be a spirit causing them?


From your description, it sounds to me more likely that the twitching is caused by an increased flow of energy moving through the muscles.

It happens to me when I do my qi gong standing practice. My legs will twitch and spasm as the chi moves through.

It should eventually stop, as your body adapts to the flow.


Hasn’t stopped for me yet, but whenever I’m manipulating energies, I’m moving the maximum concentrations I can basically.

Yes, I confirm this!

I’ve also experienced it for a long time

Okay. Thank you!

I also experience this in most of my rituals…cool to know that I’m not the only one who feel this