Evocation/invocation for dummies question

Quick question? Which environment would u consider for magic work? Light or darkness? I’ve done the one in light with King Belial, Lucifer, King Paimon and Lilith. In darkness, I’ve done Lilith, King Belial and Lucifer just b4 I go to sleep, during sleep and wake moments. One particular demon wakes me up a lot. King Belial. I finally did an evocation requesting he manifest himself after he’d just woken me up from my sleep.

Now to my question. I’d like to manifest Lucifer in person and not just in sigils or dreams or mental communication. I’d like to be honest I did King Belial’s evocation when he woke me up and told me to sit upright. He wasn’t going to show me anything till I was sitting upright. That went good. How does Lucifer manifest in the dark when u are wide awake? Will I see the same yellow eyes I see from time to time when I’m conversing with him?

Help… I plan to evoke him on the dark. What should I expect in person?


Regarding first question, some spirits have a very strong diurnal or nocturnal nature to the point that they wont come if you call that in wrong time, so it more depends on spirit you are calling. Lucifer
is better to be called in planetary hour of Venus.

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I saw Lucifer as someone trying to peak though my shower curtain

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@Bloodwarrior, that’s funny. :joy::joy:

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