Evocation in your mind?



Hey, I was on BALG and just surfing the threads when I had this random idea. Is it possible to evocate an entity and talk to them in your mind simply by asking for them? I searched it up on the forum but could not find any posts related to this sort of summoning.
I have read that putting a sigil on accessories could simplify the power when evocating an entity and thought that using some sort of method you could evocate the demon using the amplifiers with nothing but your mind and an offering!
You would need a good long-term connection with the entity to do this of course but if an entity can manifest physically without any help if you know them enough would this be possible?


I met Azazel less than a month ago and he starts talking to me if I simply place my hand on his sigil with intent. This is probably a fairly common occurrence for the more experienced folks.




Thanks for the info.:grinning:


You can he just came to me in my head to sass a community about using Solomon goitia




What do you mean by this? How would it or would it not be possible and why?


You evoke with your mind anyway. If your visualization skills are finely tuned, you can see that sigil in your mind. You can make a telepathic connect as well. I say yes. It has been done.


That’s how I did it


This is how I started. Just simply talking to Lucifer. It took me a bit to work towards using a sigil. I would sit in meditation, build a temple in my mind, ask and listen. I felt his energy so strong, it was unlike anything else to me. I’m still new to the technical terms of magic but I now understand that I received his messages telepathically. He also communicates by the moving of my body. I’m not sure if that’s minor possession or what. Maybe my not wanting to limit what was a possibility for these Gods allowed me to experience in such a way. I hope that my ability to communicate in this way only grows.


Well being one that has to work in secret. I can tell you with the right visualization, mindset and determination. It can be done with great results.

( There might be more to it then I realize at the moment, but as far as I know, yes.)


its like wat i do i meditate and chant enn wihile staring at sigil the tell come to me i becon thee if i hold my hand out to or over or on or touch the sigil lovingly (depends on who) they come even if i feel kinda insane when they enter my head so yeah it works


@Jasonjack30 demons are incorporate beings in another dimensional plane and communicate telepathically through one’s mind. There should be nothing holding you back from communicating using only your mind or visualuzing sigils. Be it your spirit guide or a new spirit you are evoking. Spirits are an energy form that can change at will communicating with your mind to there energy whether with visions or nonverbal communication is a common practice.