Evocation in the Extreme - an Assembled Alliance of Living Gods


To EA:

Perhaps the Job of Transumtation at hand is so Great - it requires Multiple Living Gods?

You have mentioned you have Evoked a single God - but never multiple Gods?.. as far as I have read… knowing that natural disasters ensue as you have written with the presence of a single one.

Can we be fast tracked by an accomplished Evocator such as yourself doing a variation on forced Posession - by actually Evoking a persons GodSelf into their Earthly Vessel…

Its probably never been done… though the chances for a mess would be high but perhaps not…

Have you truly knocked on every door and exhausted the potential for all that Evocation, and its application can do?

Assumption of God Forms is one thing - Forced Evocation of a beings essential God Form into their physical Vessel - is probably a recipe for death… but - has it been done?