Evocation in broad daylight

Ea koetting has a lot of posts where he evokes demons and Lucifer in broad daylight. Does this actually work. Where you see clearly the demons or spirits. If not, what exactly is he doing. Is it possible to evoke a spirit in broad daylight where you can see the spirit clearly?


Of course it is possible. The time of day does not affect in any way if you can see a spirit clearly or not That is a function of your mind. If your perception has been trained to see spirits, then you will see spirits regardless.


Thanks man

You’re welcome. The only difference between night and day, is that humans have a natural fear of the dark because we can’t see what may be there, and so that fear naturally opens up our perceptions as a way to increase survival. That is why children will see “figures” in their closet, and why you are more likely to feel like someone is watching you when you get up to pee late at night. The harsh glare of sunlight puts your mind at ease because you can see what is in front of you and more clearly delineate what is “real” to you. The light washes out your increased perception, making it easier to ignore what you want to.


I only ever saw one Goetic spirit (in robes but no head) via incense smoke. Charcoal exploded and the clear, lasting figure was there. Once! That sort of stuff takes a lot of preparation, work and effort. I did it many years ago and I’ve never needed to do it again. The entities are there. I feel it and know. I perspire - sometimes violently. Sometimes my skin tingles like the play of static electricity - but I don’t see 'em anymore.

That sort of thing isn’t one of my gifts and I’m too busy exploiting the gifts I know I have. I’m hopeless with crystal ball as well.



I find that night is great for heightened awareness of sensations. I still do evocation during the day, and some days outside. I use planetary hours to increase the connection so some days I just have to find a quiet spot somewhere as it’s the only time that is convenient during that day. I don’t feel as much of a connection because there is a lot more going on, a lot more noise, more light, more movement around me, more physical sensations, I can’t verbalise what I want to say just think it. Compared to my room where I normally do it if I can outside during the day has a lot more to be aware of. Then at night there is even less going on so the sensation isn’t necessarily stronger I am just able to feel more because there is less sensory “noise” to filter out.
I don’t worry about seeing or hearing them. I do what I feel is right then start talking when I feel they are there. Trust is the big thing. Trust they are there and will do what you ask. Be respectful. Ask don’t command. And thank them.


Maybe I’m wierd but I see so much clearer at night. I can’t really see Spirits in the light. I have to get the room as dark as I can during the day.


I always do during day light.It always works.


If you don’t develop your clairvoyance or your energy sight you will never see anything no matter what the lighting is like. Likewise if you do develope these things you will see all kinds of spirits and in random places.


This is more true than many would like to admit, IMO. I have only ever had something visual occur on the most rarest of occasions, and it was not even close to as intense as what some people have experienced. Mental imagery, sure, but in front of my face? Not really. It takes a super charge of something for that to happen.

Yes. Also, from a scientific perspective it helps rule out mistaking a phosphene image for a true experience while in the dark.

I agree about the survival aspect, but I think it goes farther. I think when you are opened in perception you will often times feel watched or that there is something peering from a dark space because there actually is. Also, small children see in a different spectrum than adults and they have not yet been conditioned into energetic blindness, so there is that to consider.

@Man1 I really would not get too hung up on a visual if results are what you are after. If you find yourself worrying that not being able to see the spirit is going to have a negative effect of your rite, then it probably will. It’s cool, but in no way a needed factor.

To be honest I see more in the daylight than at night it seems. I can project fairly quickly and open myself easily . It takes time though

has any one had constant hesitation when trying to do your first evocation your about to do it then hold it off? :crazy_face:

I’ve never understood the premise of “night vs day demons” but that’s another topic. However as others have said your goal should be end result and that is only achieved with confidence and the removal of self doubt. Bottom line is end result and no doubt and belief your goal will manifest is the main objective-not physical appearance as others have stated. If your waiting for the floor to open and a scene from raiders of the lost ark to happen you will be waiting a long time.


It’s a relief that you guys commented I thought it had to really dark so that you can see them visually. Thanks!

How do you do that ? when you see it in your imagination where it is in the room then focus there in trance? with out calling.

You meditate to cultivate your energy and increase your connection to your subconscious and spirit. The way I look at it, this information is always available to the subconscious, and that’s what sends the messages through for you to ‘see’ with your conscious mind. The better your communication with your subconscious, they more messages you receive, sights, sound, taste, touch and smell.


Uuuuhhhhhhhh… What?

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i must have been really tired

i was asking how do you “see all kinds of spirits and in random places” with out calling them?

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If you’d like to get a bit more than what you chewed for than just seeing spirits, and getting full embodiments. Here’s a heart vision blessing that will do that for you at the cost of your nightmares because it stays up watching for you. Just be warned taking a thousand deaths from angels is on the poem after it in attempts to take it out

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You keep your awareness open like you are always in ritual.

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