Evocation help

im gonna do an evocation of a wendigo soon, is there any tip on how to evoke one safely, im gonna offer some people for it to feed on in hopes it will help me learn ancient magic lost to the time in the Americas. and hopefully it can be a teacher, i written out a ritual to summon one.


Im new to this as well, entering a deep trance, having confidence, and staying persistent. Are the main keys for success IMO, what offerings will be present during the ritual?

i will fill a brass cup halfway with alcohol and then i will prick my finger and drip blood into the cup for an offering during the ritual i will drink from the cup and then find a place to put the rest for the wendigo when the ritual is done

well i would take a sip from the cup and leave the rest for the wendigo

All evocation with humble and sincere heart are safe


treat the spirit with respect and you will be safe. There are some demons that when you first call upon them will test you by acting like the stereotypical possession movie demons to gauge how you react. Stand your ground but be respectful and you should be good :slight_smile:

I’m intrested in hearing your results though, never thought to evoke a wendigo


Magick is real, it is a cause of specific effects, it is not whatever we want to think it is. I state that ahead of my reply for context:

How did you get from that to these entities being your fairy godmother kind of spirit?!

This was a being that was feared and shunned by people used to working with magick, to the extent they would work against it, you want to wreck some lives just hoping they were all in the wrong?

Read this for what happens when people act like magick can be anything they want and can never harm them: Anyone know any good healers?

Also, this:


i know magick is real, and i know that this entity isnt a fairy godmother. and i am aware of the dangers, i have researched the entity alot.

i saw no one worked with it and i thought i can help put more insight on it to fully understand it

the wendigo is a cannibal spirit of native american culture, which comes into being due to the human breaking the taboo of cannibalism

It also compels the possessed to commit murder.

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I mean, seems like it’d be easier for the wendigo to just feed on whoever summoned it. It doesn’t really need your permission to go after anyone else…

In the interests of curiosity, though, I fully support wendigo evocation. Just make sure to report back on a regular basis for the interests of posterity!

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How good are your abilities to see, hear, and sense spirits?

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honestly i have only seen one spirit but when something is powerful near me i feel like my skin is burning. the first time i felt this was when i was read the goatia ever since them every now and then i feel the same way
when i call on stuff

I implore you, for the sake of not becoming a magickal casualty, to develop your skills so you can converse with a spirit telepathically, and reliably receive information that proves to be correct, before attempting to evoke something the magicians of the ancient tribes worked hard to keep at bay.

If you can’t receive information yet in a way you can verify, you’re in genuine danger here.

I’m not in some order trying to hold someone back for the sake of climbing through the grades, this is about basic common sense.

Sometimes when a spirit has been “demonised” it means it was against the orthodoxy of the times and the Abrahamic faiths, specifically, but the ancient tribes didn’t have that bullshit, so if they said this thing was bad news, they were probably correct.


I wonder what the chance is for full possession to occur during an evocation, especially when people such as myself, don’t secure any safeguard except for casting the circle mentally and opening the elemental gates.

Do you mean accidentally? New topic maybe?

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Well, if this being can influence people to murder, and this being is going to be evoked, thrn it should be an evocation where no possession can occur, and might be best to use a drawn circle and gatekeepers/element guardians present.

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An evocation, and really any type of spirit communication, is possession. It’s just a matter of to what degree. I know EA’s mentioned this in a few videos as well.


Right. So how wise is it to do so without full knowledge of the spirit?