Evocation for a realtionship/twin flame

So I was wondering if there was an evocation that could bring me love, relationship, twin flame, something real? I like being in a relationship but I like using magick to help with life. Can anyone give me some spirit that could bring something like that and/or how to go about it?
Thank you!

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I would recommend the spirit Tul, from Kingdoms of Flame.

His description in the grimoire states:

Tul will reveal to the magician that summons him the secrets and the knowledge of love and Soul Mates. He
can see the heart’s truth, and knows what must be done to win the love of another, or to find love within oneself.

If you do a search of the forum you will find his sigil as I have posted it in another thread.

The angel Saspu, from the same grimoire, is another option. His description states:

Saspu will bring love and friendship into the life of the magician, or to another whom the magician shall name. This Angel will gracefully refuse to perform any type of mind control magick, but will give alternative methods to achieve an even better result.


I wouldn’t necessarily ask to find your twin flame. It’s not easy. In fact it’s the toughest thing I’ve ever gone through and still am. Just be prepared if you do want to find them…


I just want something real that could be something in the future. A twin flame is a reach, yes but I want something that I could settle down with or maybe till I find a soul mate or twin flame. Just someone I can connect with on a relationship level.


Thank you! I’ll try that!

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The Twin flame journey is hard. It’s supposed to be apparently…I never asked to meetcmine. And I never believed in it at all until it was explained to me. It’s the only thing that explains why everything is the way it is. But God it’s hard. In so many ways. You might be better off asking for a soul mate. They are supposed to be easier.

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The twinflame relationship has great significance. it is not something you can magic … along with soulmates … Your twinflame may not be even incarnated this time around … but if you find it hold onto it and work through it before…before its too late. to attract a love of significance you first have to know of self love. seriously if ever you come across that in your life fuck anything else you think you know. There is so many things i could explain about it but i would choose not to as it is 2 individuals journey.

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Where can I find more info on this?

Found her but she was so scared how much she fell for me she rabbited… giving her time right now… Best if luck to you though…

What would you wish too know?

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Everything . It’s not my strong point and I have reason to believe I found it but I’m in the dark. What it means, why it happens, etc. Anything would be helpful!

See! 1111 AGAIN

sorry my time is limited at the moment i have work coming up but if i could honestly help somebody in this department i would, in some ways the less you know about this topic the better it is to navigate im guessing you understand the basic theme which is this person your twin flame is your mirror so alot of things will come to the surface for healing and balancing the only way forward for this relationship is slow and steady with focus on keeping connection with this person … the runner/chaser dynamic is very unpredictable and if you have just enetered it there is still hope indeed. my keenness to help others merge is inspired by my own experience you really have to get some kind of confirmation i would recommend seeing a psychic as i did and it helped me understand more … Promise yourself you will give it so much attention and be prepared to draw a line you know its just as normal as any other relationship in most ways possible if you have confirmation it is your twinflame some things must stop immediately like jealousy hatred etc which are normal to feel … my understanding reaches the stage where if things dont go right you have to be prepared its for the best wish them well, you could face spending the rest of your life with a choice like i have … Wait or move on only those who have experienced it will know and its an unforgettable experience in your life. as i say a psychic is generally a good move in this situation they know the rules and fine lines of what can and cant be done.


This makes absolute and perfect sense. Thank you!

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I wish you all the luck in the world

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Thanks hun and same to you :hugs:

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I’m going through this. I tried to deny it all as nonsense but it’s the only concept that makes sense to the connection I have with this person. But it’s hard. I’d say it’s actually the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through in my life - even more so than my sister dying. And I cant explain it because I dont understand it myself at times. He’s still in the runner stage and with someone else who he doesn’t really love but it’s easy. He’s scared of the intensity between us. I’m on the verge of giving up. And wishing I’d never met him. Twin flames are v v difficult. Some make it to union I believe but I don’t know if we ever will. And yes you are right, it’s a very complicated journey that twin flames have to go through.


so how did that progress so far? :slight_smile:

I on my end asked Gaia while in nature and it worked very rapidly,
I believe within 2 or 3 days, it was very rapid… ;

I would certainly agree with that because the runner is always destined to run even for a short while so that said a person comes into your life from what seems out of nowhere hailing the strongest/deepest connection available (and yes i would also compare that to losing a family member) but when they run it is all apart of the unfolding so i would like to reassure you or anybody else when! not if they reappear stand firmly by your values … as i say the less you know about this topic the better thats what i mean. just look at the internet everybody is an expert on this subject! In the scheme of things you have to let the runner run! a genuine twinflame cares so deep about you that they wouldn’t see you with somebody else so think about that and use it to your advantage! :slight_smile:

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