Evocation Fail?

Just a minute ago, I tried evoking the demon Glasya-Labolas for baneful purposes against a Discord user who I know nothing of their IRL details (real name, face, location, etc), but I showed Glasya-Labolas my phone of a screenshot of the user’s profile which included links to their other profiles if they connect to their Discord account, which they had. Would that be sufficient to provide a link against a target even if they hide behind internet anonymity?

My roommates are here, so I went into the bathroom with a paper that I drew his sigil on, wrote down his enn next to his sigil, tried calming myself down and clearing some of my thoughts, and chanted/whispered his enn for around a few minutes while also gazing at his sigil. I then said “come Glasya-Labolas, our home is your home”, chanted his enn again in case he wasn’t here yet, and also repeated again about our home being his home (my policy is to show respect to entities, especially one of the Goetic Demons), and then I told him that I cannot sense him (such as sight or hearing), so it would be very helpful if he could show me that he’s there. After that, I told him that I’ve summoned him to take out a target, showed him the screenshot of target that was on my phone by holding my phone in front of me (screen facing away from me), and requested that he take out the person behind that and those accounts (because Discord profiles show some other accounts linked to their Discord account); of course, him being a Goetic Demon, I didn’t dismiss him, I said to him that he can stay here if he wishes or go on his way, just be sure to destroy the target I showed him.

Here’s the bad news and why this topic is titled the way it is: I stopped chanting or saying anything for a brief moment of silence to see if I could hear this demon, and even closed my eyes because maybe he’d show me a vision of what he’d present himself as, but I didn’t anything, not even a small IIRC. I unfortunately didn’t get a sign he was there, but hoped he heard me; a part of me worried that he didn’t appear at all :frowning_face: I also felt a pretty strong throbbing in the part of my head above the bridge of my nose in the low and center part of my forehead. I’ve listened to some 3rd eye opening binaural beats lately and have done the blue flame mediation the last 2 days with a GIF or still picture of an indigo candle (because I don’t have any indigo or blue colored candles and I have roommates I don’t want any issues with in case said candles might be an issue with them), and the throbbing I got during around the middle (closer to the end) part of this evocation attempt was even stronger than what I got than that recent practice of mine.

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