Evocation effects

So im wondering how would evocation effect a fetus? I have tried to find some info but I couldnt really find anything. Anyone any thoughts on this…

I was wondering that, too. I’ve read that a soul isn’t fully created/fused/attached to a body until the actual complete birthing. That it is important to have a relaxed, loving, environment as they ease out. So, given all the hormones and their precise nature, it would depend on a few factors:

  1. At what stage in the pregnancy is the mother? Distinct hormone baths (estrogen, androgen, testosterone spikes) happen throughout the fetal life, changing the baby physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

  2. The overarching fetal environment. What kinds of nutrients are available at the precise time they are needed? Evocation is a tiring process on all levels, so it uses up nutrients (vitamins and minerals). Are the hormone baths affected? If so, how and to what degree?

  3. What effect does the individual evocation (and after effects) have on the mother’s health? Does it relax her? Is she feeling satisfied, joyful, exhausted, exhuberant? The endocrine system dumps different hormones, levels of dopamine change, seratonin, cortisol, etc. Did she replace her nutrients, drink water after?

  4. Is the mother surrounding her fetus with comfort and is the baby welcome at the evocation? Is the fetus feeling protected?

When I learned astral projection through my hypnobabies course, I could “talk to” her. I learned to read her moods and could feel her spark. Sometimes it was stronger or weaker, but gradually became stronger and more here/present the heavier she got.

A month ago or so, happily entranced, I had a super vivid vision/scene of a birthing taking place in Azazel’s crazy-ass Lake of Fire. The four midwives served as guardians and the birthing mother had invoked Lilith. That would be the most fascinating experience ever. So, of course it makes me wonder. After all, my last birthing was unassisted and awesome…hmmmm or maybe take up base jumping instead of extreme birthing for my thrills. Something about creating a human is just so fucking cool though!

I was wondering about this for a while because my mother told me she use to do frequent evocations of different spirits and see shades. My great grandmother was a shaman who healed me when I was born but died afterwards. Apparently she only evoked while pregnant with me. After reading a pst about your hga, I asked her about the time I was born and remembered about it. Figured if anyone would know it would be the people on this forum.

Oh and I was a very happy baby during evications apperntly I didnt fuss or kick or anything but she did say she heard a baby laughing a few times afterwards.

There is a whole book written on it by Aleister Crowley called “Moonchild”. It’s a novel but contains a lot of interesting Magickal facts.