Evocation Doubt

Just asking if can i evocate in a room where are there crosses, and images of Jesus?
I ask this because i am not living in my house for now, and in the house where i am living there are these kind of things.

Thank you in advance.

Sorry if my English is not very accurate, but it is not my native language.

No. You do not have enough power to do something like that. If you use crosses, they cannot be ones with Jesus.

No, i mean, can i evĂłcate demons having those kind of things on the room?

You can do whatever you want. All I was saying was that you should not mix too many influences in that would not complement it.


As a teen I always removed an image of the Virgin from a bedroom where I wanted to summon demons; in this I followed the recommendation of a book. But, thinking about it, the curious thing is that the conjurations had some Christian bindings.

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So, it does not matter at all if evoke having those things?

If they’re not distracting to you or make you doubt yourself, they’re fine. I’ve summoned stuff with Bibles and holy water near by. They literally have no affect.


What DemonMonk said. It’ll only be a problem if you as the practitioner make it a problemfor yourself… If you don’t care, it won’t matter. I wouldn’t, so it wouldn’t bother me. You could always do some extra work to counteract if you feel the need, like banish before you start. Energy follows mind and intention.


Thank you, that’s what i needed to know.

If the religious symbols have no worth to you… for me i treat them like the dogs playing poker and cheap velvet. I wear a cross and it never fails to end up upside down in photos.