Evocation Challenge

I"ve heard in one of EA’s radio interveiws that when he is mentoring a student the last thing he has them is evoke him.So I challenge someone to evoke me.If anone is interested let me know,and we’ll work out a date,time,and what info you need to evoke me.Who knows,if another human is evoked their subconscious intelligence may open up to the evocater and produce a well of knowledge that the evoked doesn’t know in his conscience mundane life.I’ll check this post often to see if anyone agrees to this,and to just read feedback!

Doing in dreams it’s quite easy, but awoken, it’s kind of hard as the being is less receptive

I remember an interview where Taylor Elwood mentioned that he evoked himself. He said he learned a lot about issues he had that were hard for him to notice in the waking world. He went on to evoke himself from a future timeline and asked if he should move to Portland, the him from that timeline told Taylor that he loved it in Portland so Taylor moved.

I am not a huge fan of Elwood’s but I think he was on to something.

Any ideas on making a sigil for one’s self?I’ve heard about some program that generates sigil by doing the numerologist math on a name then making the sigil out of I guess would be some kind of majick square.Anyone heard of this?

Just use the chaos magick method of combining your name into an aesthetic manner.

Already did this experiment with someone. You would get an egregore, an astral impression of that person. A spirit once told me a way to do it for real, but I forgot.

Perhaps, you could ‘ask’ yourself. Or if not, you could evoke yourself to ask yourself!