Evocation "centering"/"banishing"_rituals redux

Hey Nightcrawlers,

As the month of July approaches, I’m probably like most of you preparing myself as much as possible for the Evocation Course. I know that I’ve addressed or at least asked about “banishing” rituals in the past. Personally I like the term “Centering” more…it just has a non-judgemental ring to it for me.

Anyways, I know from conversing with many of you that some use the LBRP, other use the LBRP & the LRH (I think…I’m not a Golden Dawn Man). Still others have taken these rituals and have made them their own.


  1. How effective is it that I, the aspiring Adept, design my OWN centering ritual to use before my Evocations?

I have a couple of ideas that make sense to me concerning the directions and so on.

***But will it work??? This is the big question I have for myself.

I was thinking of going back to the LBRP, however, it would be more fun to design and practice my own really.

What are your thoughts? Am I doing way toooo much tooooo soon? I know from doing some research, Adepts like Phil Hine at a certain point just made their own up that was personal. Still others don’t do any.

What say you BALG Forum?

As always…thanks everyone,


Sounds to me like you answered your own question Mode go for it. If it makes sense to you and you feels right and you get the desired result then have at it.

The LBRP and LRH are useless if you don’t feel anything when performing them and someone made up that ritual at one time or another so the ritual itself is no more potent than the one you will create.