Evocation before invocation?

hello i don’t remember where i read this but it said something like it is better to evoke spirits and then you should invoke them. is that the case?


Each method has their strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the situation and what you want to do, either method can be viable.


i know but i heard that that it would be easier to invoke them after evoking them because you become more familiar with their energy

I would think that it would be the opposite xD However, the mindset you go into with this kind of work dictates the outcome greatly.

Anyway! Why don’t you do some tests yourself? Work on your clars and do some good old fashioned work. You have a hypothesis. Do a few hundred Evocations and Invocations of spirits that you want to work with, in different orders over many months? Keep a journal of your results, and come back to us with your own conclusions.

Personal experience trumps ‘what people say’ because if it works for you, it works for you.

Your path is your own. There is no one true way except your own way, and even that is constantly changing, shifting and growing as you expand as a magician.


i did an evocation today and i do keep a journal but i asked this so i can see what other people think. i was told that it is better to evoke first and then invoke but that could just be in my case