Evocation and problem with communication

Hello guys,

I’ve trying to evoke demons for quite a while now. The problem is I can’t communicate with demons, I ask for favor give offering or whatever and and get pretty awesome results. But results are not really what I am seeking here, I want to be able to communicate with them.

And I know what you are thinking by now ‘’ Are you meditating’’ ‘‘Are you working on your third eye and chakras’’ ‘‘Are you doing some kind of energy work’’ . Answer to all this is yes, I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I should get back to being arm chair occultis.

If you guys have some ideas what should I do, I’d really appreciate that.

I did my first evocation or whatever I summoned king Paimon but I didn’t feel a presence so I cleaned up and walked away and then the next night after I forgot all about I was laying down getting ready to go to sleep and I heard Don’t Ever Walk Away From Me and then I heard like whispering but I couldn’t make out what it was and I talk to myself sometime or whatever but this wasn’t that I was just curious to know if anyone has any thoughts on this


For some, it may take a while to be able to communicate with spirits in full sentences.

After doing an evocation, try asking for a sign of their presence. Usually these signs will be subtle, like rappings or a shift in temperature. But you’ll know they’re there.

The Que Sera Sera crystal/gemstone helps with clairaudience, maybe use it in your rituals to hear them more clearly

You’re getting results, so you are communicating with the spirits. They hear you, which is a great first step.

The thing with spirit communication is, everyone has individual abilities. Just as some people are naturally fast runners, some people are naturals at spirit communication, and get it on the first try. However, with time and training, most people can develop the skills, even if they aren’t a “natural.”

How long does it take? It depends on the magician. As stated above, some get it on their very first try, while others might take a few months. Some, like myself, might even take years to develop the ability to have full on conversations with demons and angels.

I will tell you what Belial told me, when I was envious of all the cool experiences people on this forum were describing, and frustrated that I wasn’t developing fast enough:

“Spirit [meaning the Greater You] cannot be rushed and will open in its own time. Be patient, and don’t compare yourself to others.”


I collect gemstones and I have never heard of this before can you lead me to a link or photos?


clearer please? Looks almost like labradorite in the blur

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I know but I wouldn’t call it communcation if its one sided. I wonder if some people just can’t tap into their senses even if they try.

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Well how the heck have I never seen this?! lol. Very pretty stone! Thanks!!!


Happy to Help :slight_smile:

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I think sometimes people shut off senses especially as children because they are told things like “that’s not real.” even though it is, it is just tuning into different frequencies.
You could ask demons for help. How about sleeping on a demon symbol and recording your dreams? That is the easiest way of communication that I know.

Get or make a circular chart with all letters as parts of a pie graph and use a pendulum consciously surrendering control of the hand and let them move the pendulum to spell out words. It is tedious but teaches you to instinctively interpret their messages until with time you know what they are going to spell out before they do it.

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