Evocation and Paranormal Activities PLEASE HELP!

I’m new to all this but I got my first book from EA on evocation. My question is what can I do to evoke spirits or demons so that I see it manifest in paranormal acts in my own home. What would be the best way to go about this. Thanks

i would recomend Joseph c Liwieskis Ceramonial Magick book on Falcon press books. its got good insight and reviews The Heptameron evocation.in the lines of the nine foot circle you put the name of the hour,the name of the angel ruling the day.the spirits of the hour etc.

i like the part of evoking eternity where Koetting goes to his freinds house and is doing a quiet evocation and he wakes up his freinds wife before shes goes to work she hears thumps and lights going on and off andbangs on the door of koettings room and asks him why is he making so much noise.

You need to have a real goal first then the paranormal stuff just happens and you will find that you simply didn’t notice it before.

If you have the book, it’s all laid out there how to get a basic manifestation, summoning, etc - if you want thumps and bangs, these may not happen right away but the more evocations you do, and maybe if possible, in the same location, the more the fabric of reality (or whatever) will weaken in that location, and you may start to see poltergeist activity and so on.

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I am new to this but listen to what is said in your head really closely you’ll be able to tell with that pretty clearly