Evocation And Madness

I can only evoke to a shadow, is that meaning I'm doing it wrong or could it be faceless shadow monsters?

I’m going to do you a favor and this forum a favor by calling you out, you did nor truly perform this ritual and if you did it was so half assed that the gatekeepers are probably laughing from their abode in the infernal. There are secrets and blocks in the grimore that cannot be had by any method other than pathworking with the gatekeepers themselves, they will take you through hell and back for sure. Once you are ready to perform the ritual the people will be brought to you, and they are required. This ritual is so intense that it literally kills you spiritually, you won’t ever do it twice

Well one possibility is Empreayans senses might not be as developed as yours so its possible his experience was less intense because of that, thus why he’d be down for doing it twice.

You need to be pretty awesome at evocation and then call up Belial then ask him to put you on the path to opening the gateway. You’re going to be doing pacts for possession with all of the gatekeepers and they’ll have you bouncing back and forth between them, abaddon might tell you to speak to his brother azazel and azazel might refer you to amaimon. They’ll teach you everything you need to know including how to evoke them all at once and then they’ll basically teach you what the blocks in the book were. This in itself will take you several years most likely, it’s not a simple task. When you go to do this ritual you will go deep into the woods with the people that the gatekeepers bring to you. When you open the gateway it calls up massive amounts of negative energy that will destroy the space where you perform it and it kills your ego either during the ritual or 1-3 days later… you’ll get told by the gatekeepers when you are ready to perform the ritual

Nah I wasn’t offended at all, I knew my post was going to be a lot shorter than yours and I wanted everyone to listen to what I was saying. I wasn’t at the ritual and I haven’t completed it but I know a lot about it and I was on the path to opening it until I almost got screwed over completely… but yea you have to do it while under the will of the gatekeepers. They’ll handle the people for you but you have to be able to do the rest