Evocation and invocation

I had a strange reaction evoking Belial, not sure if anyone else has had similar. I done the evocation and had a vision of a rock type figure strong, big and small pebbles falling as he moved. A very deep voice, I said with respect what I wanted and a relationship with him, learning. He said what I wanted would be done, then we could continue to work together. He asked me to invoke him, I did. Throughout the evocation and invocation I felt pretty much light as air, like I wasn’t there or anywhere really. Then when finished, I told him he could leave when he was ready with respect and bring forth that which I asked. He said he would do so, then when I opened my eyes for a brief instant I felt seemingly in multiple places then slowly grounded where was almost like I was no place during the evocation and invocation.
Has anyone else had similar or worked with Belial and seen him or envisioned him as such?