Evocation and Invocation of Ea/Enki

Has anyone ever evoked Enki before? If so tips and other information would be helpful!


You can find bits and pieces in books on sumerian and babylonian mythology. Try michael w fords muskim hull too i think theres one in that too


Someone who is working with Enki should ask him if he is Satan, or Lucifer. Rather, are Satan and Lucifer other aspects of him, or are they completely separate.


personal UPG incoming, so feel free to disprove me

Hate to break it to you, but the entity thats often classified as “Enki” in the sense that you know it from Sumerian mythology is no longer around. At least not in a form thats comprehensible to anyone currently living in this reality. His core consciousness has become so scattered and divided (to prevent him basically being murdered by his “sister”, long story…) that unless you reconnect directly with the source, you’re not going to find him. Let alone have him be able to help you in any physical way.
Not being mean, just trying to save you time. I hear Marduk and Enlil are still around in a more solid state, you could try them if you’re set on Babylonian stuff.


Not to get all chaos magicky over here, but theoretically, you can evoke or invoke any entity. Even Lovecraftian ones which are supposed to be fictitious. This is because entities are ideas/representations of ideas, among other things. Ideas are real just as anything else, albeit abstract.

Since there is an idea of Enki, a force of Enki, an energy of Enki, an archetype of Enki, you can therefore summon Enki.


From that perspective yes, you can invoke the idea/archetype of Enki but that’s more of an internal higherself approach in my opinion. But The actual external energy/conciousness outside of yourself that IS Enki as the Sumerians knew it is not around anymore on the Lower Planes


The ideas themselves, though, are linked with the external energies. Everything is linked. I say let the OP summon Enki to see what happens. Unless OP has fears/repressed fears and believes something bad will happen to them, the worst case scenario is that nothing will happen.

After all, magic is about the experience, not theories. For all we know, we could be both wrong.


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Enlil is represented by an eagle isn’t he, well the eagle is on so many flags, it means the house of El, also " Order out of Chaos" I believe is the motto of El/Enlil who is order/slavery conquering/defeating his brother EA/Enki who is chaos/freedom.

Last I heard was that Marduk was taken out by 3 relatively new gods that were rising in strength and power because he tried to have them killed out of fear of what they could become so they killed him in retaliation. Of course, there are many egregores and tulpas for every god, so it could’ve been any of them.

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El and Enlil arent the same entity. El was a proto Canaanite chief diety who eventually became syncretised with Yahweh when Monotheism came about in that area. Enlil was one of, if not the most important god of the old Mesopotamian pantheon. In the early second millenium BC the cult of Marduk sycretised the god with Ashuluri (son of Enki) and Mardkuk thereby became part of the Eriduian pantheon. Enlil’s transformation was different as the cult of Marduk eclipsed the cult of Enlil and basically stole all the worshipers from him until Enlil pretty much disappeared apart from a few loyal cult centers.
As a side note, Enki always won all battles against Enlil when they were together in the mythos.

Not as far as I know.

As I said, there are many tulpas of a lot of gods, all ruling different realms within the spiritual planes which are pretty much infinite. So the spirits and gods one magician works with may be different than the ones other magicians work with. I’m sure that it’s because of so many different traditions creating different gods based on different beliefs and people worshipping them in different ways. Maybe they all started out as egregores before becoming true gods and just don’t admit to it, although I’ve met gods that acknowledge they were created that way. Over time these egregores become real established gods with power like any other god through the psychic energy being given off by those beliefs, just within different currents based on the ones that the practitioner come across first. So the Sumerian deities I worked with before growing to hate them due to them actually turning on me and both of my mentors because the power we achieved through meditation, magick, astral combat with malicious spirits and vampirism, could be very different from the Marduk you know but still with all the power of any other.


According to Sumerian clay tablet’s, but ill have to check that again, I think I’m right though, either way, the eagle represents Enlil and the snake Enki, the order is Enlil and chaos enki, so order over chaos.

There’s so much conflicting reports and the clay cuniform tablets are so old who knows who is running around but what my intuition tells me and others is ever since Crowley, the magical currents have been. altered.

Check out the Leak Project on Youtube, the guy gets into this subject bigtime

Check out the leak project on youtube, the guy gets into the Sumerian stuff full time. Let me know what you think of the dragon rouge paper when you get the chance


En.Ki = YHWH god of the Israelites and before that a lesser god of Metallurgy of the Cannites, Lucifer, Poisidon and others. Satan is En.ki’s son, Mar.Duk.

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Under the Canaanites prior to becoming the Main God of the Israelites, YHWH was a lesser god of the Elohim. He was the God of Metallurgy. The syncretization is assumed or implied as opposed to a cannon demonstrated direct link. There are all kinds of modern day explanations by believers to keep the religious logic intact. The Gnostics which predate the earliest Christians mingled with and even integrated with Christianity for about the first 150 years. The “Church” decided some of their cannon was too conflicting with The Church’s cannon and hunted them all down and killed them and burned all their writings they could find. Then there was the Nag Hammadi find in Egypt in 1945. Which included the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Judas. What I found most interesting is that they acknowledged YHWH as the God of the physical universe (this is probably what got them killed) but he was insane which is well illustrated in the OT. And then the Gnostics also acknowledged a meta-creator or source like being. I think their concepts were like A god in-time (YHWH) and An Eternal God - Source Creator. The Gnostics version of Eden was that before the crazy God became angry at the Human Being, we were whole, had both the masculine and the feminine aspects inside all of us. And after Crazy OT God (named The Demiurge by Gnostics) started expressing his wrath, he split each soul in two creating a “man” and a “woman”., then pushed humanity out of paradise. The “split” gives rise to some metaphysics about twin-flames (soul mates) - I’m not sure I buy that. I think that is most likely a co-dependent desire that someone else will make you whole, but if it is real and I’m missing half of me - that could be interesting as well. What I LOVE about the Gnostics was that they tried to base their writings on knowledge instead of superstition and belief. I like the knowing vs believing just because almost everything I can think of that I’ve believed in this life has not added up or simply didn’t work. I would rather learn how to change the oil in my SUV than believe in an Oil Changing technician and have complete faith that he won’t make a mistake or change my oil with my best interest at heart. That’s a bit simplified, but I’d rather know than believe. And I’d rather admit that I don’t know than pretend to know by holding on to a belief and calling it knowledge. Finally, since I am unsure if life is a simulation or if everything I experience is my own creation/perception or something that exists independent of my “self”, none of my material above was intended in any way as a judgement on any one or any figment of my imagination or any other belief or non-belief system.