Evocation and entity creation

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I thought I’d ask this question to you all to see what you think. I’ve been thinking about physically evoking an entity into physical appearance since finding this site and also about creating magical entities. Since I’ve not bought the course (yet) because I need to get another job first, I’m trying to figure out for myself.

How many of you here have created magical entities and if so, were they able to physically manifest, even if only for short periods of time? I have a very specific purpose in mind and would like to know if one may consider it the same as evocation.

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To answer your questions, yes and
Yes but I made a physical home for it and it still followed me around :slight_smile:

Thanks. Is entity creation covered in the evocation book or does that just deal with existing entities? I undersand they probably take some time to get up to speed because, unlike pre-existing entities they don’t have any established power base from which to draw. That is, assuming, ‘pre-existing’ entities get to keep their power and abilities, etc from incarnation (for want of a better word) to incarnation. This is bearing in mind what Eric said in his video where he tells of his question to Azazel of where he came from and what his response was (I Ask Azazel: Are You Real? He Answers.).

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Yeah I’ve made some, for those not in the know I have a really powerful one that can make child entities. Recently I gave one of its children to a freind and it physically moved an object across that persons room.


That’s dope