To evolve into something “more” seems to be the last thing on the minds of the masses. In fact it seems like personal improvement has been thrown out altogether in this age of being comfortable in our shit. It is so much easier to be a slave these days. It is so much easier to do the minimum and barely get by than to push yourself beyond the limits. It is sad.

The Path of Evilution is a path of hardship. It matters not whether we are Zanda upon the Path of Smoke, or those exploring the Nightside Tree. We can be practitioners of Quimbanda or Heathen’s. It matters not. We call upon trial to forge the will. We bring the very flames of Hell upon ourselves to so much as have a chance at grasping for power that is more than we currently have obtained in the world. We summon demons to feed them our weakness so we may live in strength.

This post is a challenge to you all. I challenge you to build a culture of strength within this culture of weakness. I challenge you to get beyond the blue glow of your electronics and to go out into the world to become the cancer which would kill the current state of ignorance humanity is currently ensnared by. You must go into the world and create dis-ease by emanating the power you have stepped into. Make people uncomfortable. This is where growth can be found and this is a part of the world alchemy.

Have discussions with people and attempt to destroy worldviews and crush faith. Do not do this out of spite, but out of love. Show people their ignorance not by imposing your views but by destroying theirs through higher intellect, strategy and backward understanding. Stress people out. This will cause resistance yes but resistance leads to strength. You will find at first that many will destroy your world view because you are yet to be familiar with it. You may spout off wisdom from some grimoire you have read yet because that tome was not of your making you are not yet aware of how to defend the more subtle nuances of your practices and the logic they are based on. That is okay. You will learn with time.

As long is someone is left uncomfortable at the end of the day growth is occurring somewhere. Be dis-ease to this culture of weakness. Be a source of resistance to be the cause of gaining strength. It will help change the world. This does not mean I condone internet trolls. Not even.

You have to let your bawlz drop and talk to people face to face. If you cannot adequately communicate behind a computer screen you can’t get punched in the face and get a broken jaw for being trash. This is necessary. Talking to people face to face ensures that you will be authentically YOU! I know too many pencil necks that talk trash behind computer screens toward people who would break them in half. This does not unite anyone, nor does this bring strength to anyone. It helps to fuel and build the digital lie 90% of the world is living.


Make people uncomfortable.

I love this

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Evolution is obtained through chaos. I resonate with this. In order for one to realize their strengths and weaknesses, they must be thrown in the hot seat.

Challenge accepted.


Interesting concept.

But, @KurtisJoseph, I believe this is looking at things on a small scale.

Of course, if you rally people to do these small things everyday on a well-known platform, or on a platform of your followers, you will affect things on a bigger scale.

But, I posit it is more important to continue working on yourself.

Because, the more power you hold, the more change you can create. And without this power, creating small changes bit by bit might not be optimal for the individual, and creating these small changes can bring repercussions to the person.

While repercussions will forge one’s will, (and men are, after all, forged in the fires of conflict and ambition), you will face more than enough hardship while you are rising to power, and you won’t face the same amount of hardship and resistance when you are overwhelmingly powerful when trying to do these small steps (if you decide to do them at that point, because there would probably be more effective ways to do so).

I believe acquisition of power is more important than these small steps (though they are steps), and much more effective in doing the original purpose if it is followed through by taking action with the original intent in mind.

Because really, the more powerful of a person you are, the more change you can create.

Large scale vs small scale.

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There is no difference between working on self or working on others. I will give you an example regarding baneful magick’s.
Many think cursing and hexing is wrong. So… you have “enlightened” people saying that those we seek to curse should not be cursed because they are reflections of self. They say we cannot do harm to them without doing harm unto self. Well… that is the entire point!
If I look in a mirror and observe something about myself that does not serve me, and stands in the way of my becoming then it should be eradicated. This is backward understanding.
We better start embracing resistance. We better start doing hard things to become hardened. Their is no salvation outside of self and one’s devotion to become more powerful. I will also say that devotion to the infernal is not really separate from that. I am not saying we should worship our patrons or matrons. I am saying we should be devoted to the work they gift us with.
Now, in all actuality these are semantics. It is really all about perspective. However through the honest observation of reality humanity is weak due to religious and political cages. We must be politically correct so as to not hurt anyone’s feelings. “Poor babies”. The more powerful I am, the more powerful you are. Yes the individual links in the chain must strengthen themselves. Does this not contribute to the strength of the collective? The totality of the chain?