Evil Thought Of The Day: The Higher Self

I’ve been working with the Path of Smoke alot and using Staot, along with Meditation on The Three Evil Principals which are

  1. Evil Thought

  2. Evil Word

  3. Evil Deed

And I have come to a conclusion, or rather a very intriguing question I pose to you all today.

Some Back-knowledge: (heh :smirk:)

The Whole Point of the Ahrimanic System of Magic is to break limitation and stasis in thought, word, and Deed through Ritual, Thinking, Incantations, and Action/Alchemy.
In this way, The Light of Ahura Mazda who is the Embodiment of Limitation and Order/Status Quo is usurped and we take our Divine Power back as Dark Gods.

We do this through working with Persian Demonic Forces (which carry an entirely different energy signature compared to normal Demonic Forces) called Divs.

These Divs guide the Adept to think, question, progress, and tear down the limitations of reality and build it as he sees fit and develop real self sustenance in power.

Now, for some…


The Premise of Become A Living God is to develop your own Godhood which is to rely completely on yourself for guidance, Intuition, Power, etc.

It is to become Self Sufficient In Power.

So that necessitates breaking the chains of slavery which have been imposed upon your mind, psyche, energy and Will such as Christianity, Islam, The Victim Mentality, Learned Helplessness, etc.

Some of These Chains go quite unnoticed even in the LHP community.
This Idea I have in mind is:

The Higher Self

This conception of An Ideal being that is higher than you and holds your intuition and power and abilities is absurd.

Not including the fact that you need to “listen” to it and allow it control of your power and abilities according to some “Divine Timing”.

This idea produces fruitless results for those of us on the path to Godhood and belongs in the First Realm of Hell ruled by The Div Vizaresh, Dush-Humat or, Hell of Evil Thought.

This idea produces waste of mental energy and power that don’t serve your Ascent none whatsoever.

These concepts remain unquestioned and thus your power is continuing to be usurped by a being that is leeching off of you while claiming to be you this whole time!

This further inhibits growth by not, or refusing to, question concepts such as:

Divine Timing:
Who’s time clock am I really on here?
How is this affecting my magic?
Who is making the decision as to what magic I do is successful and what fails?

And so on and so forth.

It is very easy to assume and shout:
Oh I’m in control, ALWAYS!!

But that’s what the system wants you to believe lmao.

I encourage you to ask the Extreme Questions, see where they lead, and take back what is yours however you see fit.

Who is determining whether your magic succeeds or fails?
Crossroads entities are known to control what magic goes where and to whom.
Some of these are:

Met Kalfu
Papa Legba
Archangel Michael
And more.

Look and see if in fact these entities we idolize in a weird form of Dark RHP Magic are in fact screwing us over by not letting unfated things come to pass that we do.

Nuff Said.

Do The Work, Ascend.

That is a misconception. It’s a greater version of you. It guides, sure. But it doesn’t “hold it”. It’s almost saying your godform is a bad thing. The only thing i know it has leeway over is incarnation stuff.

I disagree entirely. “Communing” with it does entail listening, yeah. But then again, let’s see what happens when you don’t listen to Lilith and make a fool of yourself. Same concept, different details and of course different results. Part of the idea there is it tells you how to merge with it, assume its power, etc. Pretty important stuff.
But again, try that with something else.

Your own. I agree there. But your higher self is you. It also makes your incarnations.


Might i add on, the godform also created both the HS and you?


I’m not surprised that his post is full of misconceptions,considering who wrote it


Oi. There is teaching for the sake of teaching and then correcting to be an ass.

I got impression that you perceive HS as the conception of new age angelic, light- divine stuff and that’s not the whole real meaning and function of it.

Higher self is you but existing on a different spiritual level. It doesn’t want to control you or limit you, or necessary guide you to “higher godly good” like in RHP conceptions. It endeavors to the same thing as you desire personally, but cannot impose anything on you that would be against your nature because it automatically means HS would be against itself.

Personally you don’t have to listen your HS or even connect to it consciously if you don’t feel that desire, but to be against your HS is like being against your own part of the soul and suppressing valid information of self.