Evil spirit..... Help?


I have a couple of weeks that i get this feeling of being choked but it is manageable. At night though i believe i get attacked by something.a couple of times it was very serious but i showed persistence and whatever it was stopped hurting me.What could it be?The only spirit i have with me that I talk and have a relationship is a succubus. Also anything i can do to protect myself?I have rebuked the spirit in a calm way and an agrresive tone as well but it’s stubborn.Also from the time i spent more time with the succubus i also got more sensitive so i feel the attacks more.Any help?Thanks a lot

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Banishing, sea salt or sage to cleanse perhaps. Have you tried asking your companion for help?
For bigger measures call on Kali, she recently helped me get rid of some attachment that was draining me daily. Difference has been night and day since I asked for her assistance in the matter.


No i thought of asking her help but since she is my soft spot i didn’t want her to get involved.Maybe i made a mistake.Could it be what we call “the nightmare” ?

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I couldn’t say what it may be honestly. If you can speak and respond to your companion I’d ask her input if it were me. She would probably be able to give the best insight into the matter, that’s just me though.


Our communication is still at the early stages so it wouldn’t be much of help i think.Thanks for your answer.I will try the sea salt.

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Is it possible to Call on kali without trance? I have trouble getting into trance Because I have a negative entity with me who told me he won’t let me get into trance or evoke other spirits. I don’t know how to charge sigils either.

Yes, I wasn’t in trance. I meditated on her manta and chanted it then just spoke to her when I felt a shift in the room. Her energy can be intense but I’ve been having better luck with reaching other spirits since then.

Here’s a link to the mantra Kali Mantra Jaap 108 Repetitions ( Dus Mahavidya Series ) - YouTube

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Put a glass of sour cheery juice on your bedside table.
You will see what happens :smirk:

Did you light incense or candles?

I usually use incense just because it helps focus but it’s not necessary to use.

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