Evil name

Hello, I would like to ask does anyone know the name of an evil who’s face is white, has a red circle eye and who is wearing only black cause I had a dream in which he was so I would like to communicate with him but I don’t know his name.
I would be very pleased to know about him .
Thank you for your help

It’s unlikely we can say unless someone here gets a stroke of UPG about it: They appear as they want to and differently most of the time to different people, and a lot of them have similar aspects to their appearance - they don’t look like what we think, that is part of how they communicate what they are about.

So what does white face and red eyes mean to you? What did it make you feel - you’re obviously not afraid so what else was there in your heart about this being? Was it doing anything, did it ask you anything or tell you what it wants? Why do you care about a random showing up in a dream rather than banishing and cleansing because random-ass entities should not be allowed to just wander willy-nilly into your dreams? You care for a reason: that reason could be important.

Also bear in mind that dreams are tricky to interpret and it may not be an entity at all, but your subconscious trying to tell you something, or remembering something, it’s hard to say as your subconscious can’t speak only give you symbols, that mean things to you must maybe mean something else to us.

I would say, get into meditation and bring back in your mind the scene with the entity: see it as clearly as you can , and then ask the entity who it is and what it wants, then write down what you think next, even if it’s your own inner voice, even if it sounds crazy, don’t judge it just write. After meditation is done, then think about it and see if you get anything useful. If not, try again.

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Hello thank you for your answer.
Yes actually it means a lot for me to search about that cause like from a very young age I started to dream like supernatural things pursue me and I was unable to se their clear face. So it’s the first time I see like a face in my dream I remember well of that face. However in my dream there wasn’t only this evil, if I remember there were 2 or 3 but it’s that face that I remember a lot about. Actually in my dream I saw that there was a small castle and there was a room where a woman asked me to bring her a plant but when I found the plant and I was about to give her I saw him. At that moment he started yelling at me as I gave her the plant. I also was a little bit confused and afraid. Obviously he just didn’t want me to give her the plant. So I just want to know who is him and who is the woman and why shouldn’t I give her the plant. I want to discover everything.

The most common explanation is that this is a “worry dream” - you’re anxious about something in your life. When you dream you subconscious does a lot of things, mostly memory sorting but also problem solving. faceless beings represent not actual beings, but issues in your life.

For safety I would recommend you banish and cleanse, and then ward your sleeping area and ideally your whole house or apartment for that the uninvited do not interfere with you.

The astral is full of useless and time wasting entities, as common as the birds in the trees. You don’t let wildlife wander in and shit on your floor, and you don’t let the astral beings do it either. (Unless like most you can’t see them and then you don’t care, although they are probably not helping you anyway)

So this is between you and her, whatever she is (and she could be representing a part of you) is not red-eyed guy’s business. This sounds like a pleasant transaction, you are not afraid of her, and you have a lot of healthy symbolism - a safe and fortified home (castle), a woman (nurturing) and a plant (health, food and beneficial nature, a gift of time and effort), and you are in the provider role and in control, you and the woman are safe with your resources and interacting peacefully.

Are you working on something in your life to improve it and better your situation? I mean most of us are it’s not a stretch to guess you are taking care of yourself.

Then red-eyed guy seems to be the one out of control, losing his temper over something that’s got nothing to do with him, and behaving badly. It’s not up to him you you give your work to, and his opinion seems questionable. Why couldn’t he walk up and just talk reasonably? Did he want the gift?
You felt fear which sounds sensible - angry people demanding things are less predictable and maybe not safe to be around.

I think the woman is representing an aspect of you or someone in your life you are working with or close to, but this this red-eyed guy is not an entity we lknow, it’s perhaps one of the trillions of nameless thoughtforms and parasites that exst in the astral, and it wants something from you.

I say don’t even bother wasting your time on it - banish it and cleanse. kill it if it won’t go away peacefully. You called it “evil” so there’s your first impression of whether it’s useful to you or not.

Then if you want to start working with useful entities that are reasoned and helpful, with your spiritual protections in place, you can do a petition to invite an entity you choose, by name, to bring you information using dreams.