Evil eye, help

Hi, I would like help, I think i have the evil eye, and I really need help to break free from this. It’s starting to get real bad here. Thanks in advance.


Please can you be more spesific ?
Also cleansing and banishing is always good.

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Kinda tried those already. Thanks

Do the egg cleansing spell.


What is the egg cleansing spell ?

Take an egg, rub it on your body from head to toes, i don’t remember the exact words because i heard them in Spanish. Improvise according to your path specifics… With this egg i absorb all negative energy bla bla, whatever you feel is appropriate. Break the egg in a cup of water, with/without the cross sign, flush that down the toilet.


Wear something made from obsidian, like a bracelet. Under 10 bucks from Amazon.
More cleanings, burn white sage and wormwood incense
Shower and visualise bad luck washing down the drain
Call a daemon to help clear it
Change whatever you do that attracted it


This is a very interesting read and a good place to start


My grandmother is obsessed with some of us getting the evil eye. So what she does… you get a bowl of water, drop 3 drops of olive oil in there on top of each other. If the eyes of the oil stay together there is no evil eye, if they seperate there is. Throw 3 pinches of salt on top if there is. Then get a pair of scissors and cut 3 times in the oil and 3 times above it in the air. This should be it.


Thanks for your answers, will definitely try them out.

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Eastern Orthodox tradition tells of wearing an amulet, markings or stones of blue representing an eye, then saying the Lord’s Prayer in your native language three times in a row, then the sign of the cross while anointing yourself with olive oil used in the vigil/votive of a local Saint.

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Alum and Frank incense will do the trick…the frank incense will capture the evil eye and turn into its form. crush it with your shoe and throw it in a wash

Take 3 dried red chillies, turn clockwise around your head three times and throw into a fire.
If you don’t have a fire, burn on the flame on top the stove.
Wear an evil eye necklace.

People in Transylvania have different folk rituals regarding evil eye. They believe that through someone staring at you with evil intentions can affect your energy field. You would get terrible migraines that get worse and worse and can result in death.
Now the folk lore advises to wear a piece of clothing like underwear inside out in order to deflect those evil intent behind strong stares.
There is a ritual with a glass of water and matches to ward it off. You would need 6 or 9 matches. Basically you light the match and make the sign of the cross with it over the water. You light the next match from the burning one letting the burned tip of the previous match to fall and extinguish in the water, repeating the sign of the cross with the newly ignited one. You keep going until you have all the charred tips of the matches on the bottom of the glass. You have to drink three small sips of this water than dip the top of first three fingers from your right hand into the water and make the sign of the cross on your forehead three times, eyelids, solar plexus, and the back of your hands. When you’re finished spill the water on one of your door’s hinges and put the empty glass upside down right behind the door leaving it there for a few hours.
Most people feel an immediate relief after this but you can repeat the ritual if symptoms persist.


Can we get an update on what’s happening with you? What have you tried is it working? Has your life state improved or declined?


@Lilithkin are you from Transilvania?

Hi Ophelia
Yes I am.
From a town called Alba- Iulia.

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cool, greetings to you!
may i pm you?

Of course love. Go right ahead

Here is how I sent back a curse/evil eye after a year.

Look for the Okra/ladyfinger vegetable.The rest of the method is explained here.

Whatever prayer you want to read, make sure your words include “This is going back to where it came from”.

Works 100%.Everytime.

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