Evil curses and hexes for bad luck and disasters

Everything what you can think of, would be useful.

A horrible c*unt is going to spend a week or two in a family house where she will be introduced for a first time. This will happen very soon.

I want the people who will get to know her, to understand immediately her true colors.
This family is superstitious and if something bad starts to happen, they will gather two plus two, and will understand she is the one who’s bringing the bad luck.

For example:

  1. Some technical problems to occur while she’s here.
  2. The electricity to fall down for a long period of time
  3. Some birds to kill themselves in their house windows
  4. Their bed to collapse.
  5. The house to get on fire.
  6. She to break their toilet.
  7. A huge purulent pimple on her nose to appear.
  8. She to perfuse the hosts with a boiling water.

Everything unusual and nasty which can ruin her appearance and reputation in front of the hosts.

Some incantations for summoning evil spirits and parasites to haunt her while she’s there.
Some things which are much more fast working than a sour jars, everything would be useful.
Runic formulas, everything that can work very fast…demons or angels…

I want her destroyed, ashamed and confused.


It seems you really hate this person… Might I suggest the Master Curse for you to place on her…if not see if Demons of Wrath could help…very quick read, & easy to understand. Plus the rituals are very easy as well

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Hello I recommend summoning the Deamon “Flarous” aka/e.i. “Houras”… He seems to be quite effective for doing some pretty wicked & violent “accidents” for the enemy of anyone with a blood pact or simply a worshiper of him. From experience I noticed the few scum that fked me over pretty good on several buisness occasions & decided to try & interfere with my personal life & seduced my gal pal @ the time to break it off with me for him (which resulted in her cheating)

I talked to the Demon Via Ouija Board & was incredibly easy to get along with and took minimal effort to contact & keep his attention as he takes revenge for those that have a deep & dark TRUE HATRED for someone… Needless to say after about I’d say 2.5 months of random communication & then becoming familiar with the “demon’s” mutual energy which consists of wrath, hatred, vengefulness, malicious nature of various sorts *ECT…

Long story short the few ppl that I have targeted with my new found friend have been having terrible times now the dude that slept with my girl @ time even fked up his probation, now currently incarcerated after them giving him so many chances to not be a p.o.s. finally decided to throw em a 5 year prison sentence & he has essentially lost everything that he values due to a miraculous chain of bad luck & getting caught up for stupid technicalities even has ppl that wouldn’t mind seeing him whacked for being a maggot. So when he get out ppl not gonna greet him like he may think.

Result of observation,

Clearly the demon does in fact value his followers/worshipers quite a bit to the extent that I’d say he even enjoys quality time & intelligently conversing with them! If you do not absolutely hate this person don’t bother summoning or communicate with this malicious spirit… Legend has it that he may even KILL both LIVING & DEAD as well as fend off other oppressive demons/angels! It may be dangerous to the extent of your own death if you do not do your research before confronting the spirit & always make sure to do everything as precisely as possible & do not change any steps or manipulate rituals for “shortcuts” you will not like the results…
I would hate to be on this one’s bad side, be warned this (use to be) a pretty high ranking Egyptian God so this ain’t his first rodeo & seems to pick up on arrogance, sarcasm, insults quite easily regardless of being bound by any sacred geometry

(Even that of the grimoires)

& Again if you don’t want that person smoked I would go as far as withdrawaling my suggestion as reference as it may result in (your/their/both) of your deaths…

So let it be that nothing fall back upon my head in the event some fool uses my name in reference for any reason past present and future & with all immunity towards me & my Lord’s current relations & protection of all things holy & unholy favor me now & forever Lord God of all things be mighty among us & not waver my current date!


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Thank you for your suggestions! A Master curse is a nice one and I am sure it will have a powerful effects but it is 12 days ritual. Actually I have Magickal protection book and was thinking of starting doing it but I am not sure when the effects will start.
I know in some cases the curse effects start even before the curse is finished.
I will definitely look into Demons of Magick too, pretty fast and good results can be achieved from there too.
I am guessing you are suggestion these from personal experience?

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Honestly not quite…I myself am preparing to do the master curse, however I’ve used a regret spell from the Demons of Wrath book. I’m not sure if my target feels the crippling sense of regret that I placed on her yet or not. But in the book it does say you might not find out depending on the situation!!

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Which spell was this? If you don’t mind me asking?

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Thank you about your detailed and valuable input.
I was not aware of this demon’s abilities, he seems to be exactly what I am looking for.
I took a look in Demons of Magick book about this demon, it seems to fit perfectly my needs.
I like the sigils in the book and the conjuration of the demons, and I think it is always better to give offerings to the entities who you are working with (Gordon Winterfield does not suggest offerings in the book).
I have the deepest & the darkest TRUE HATRED about this person since she ruined my life in various ways, and on many levels.

It is very nice what happened to your targets, did this happen after 2.5 months intensively communication with Haures?

Congratulations, I am always happy when a fellow magician had a brilliant success in their work.

The Gordon Winterfiled’s way of conjuring Haures, described in Demons of Magick, is by evocation keys, used to summon angels who protects the outer circle, and in the triangle is the demon’s sigil.

I should definitely give it a try.
In October, I made a sour jar of her, filled it will all needed ingredients and intentions, worked on the jar for 9 days, and left it in a dark place.

I also have few other jars with her, break up jars, as one of them is situated in a mud, and it is there almost one year.
The other one is behind a toilet.

Still, she is thriving, according to her fb and instagram accounts.

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It was the spell with Pyrichiel to cause intense regret!!


I’d suggest a ritual with any destructive demon asking him/her to turn her visit into a quarrel between her and the hosts or the other guests + another ritual with Prince Seere asking him to make it in time.

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I do recommend the Master Curse along with Overcome an Enemy ritual that is also within the same book (Magickal Attack).

Another idea would be to create a jar curse. When you perform any sort of jar spell, you are recreating the world you want the subject to exist in, whether we are talking protection/attraction or cursing. Take a jar and place a picture/name/biological material of the target. Fill it part with soil (preferably of the land they live on but it is symbolic in general). Place the name/picture/biological material and visualize that the person is standing within the jar. Add ingredients that you associate with the desired outcome, such as toxic plants, urine, vingear, burnt wood, thorns, hot peppers, etc. Get creative with it, as the more powerful the association, the more power you add to it. Visualize the residue of these ingredients bleed into the individual as you add each one, speaking what you bring into their lives as you add each one. Seal the jar with wax and store away in place where it will not be disrupted. You can bury it, although I do not recommend on your own property.


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Ya… Horaus ain’t no bitch homie 1oo% legit GOD! The best part about this is as long as you bind him properly, alot of people actually summon this demon by accident & their ill desires for others destruction acts as the canvas for his operations. Summoning thizz Deamon/Demon/Djinn is literally as easy as thinking about something bad happening to another person & BAMMM MF! You just summoned a demon whether you realized it or not! Just pray that you have not or never will summon with THE most simplified way to do so, because then it is almost a guaranteed *demonic obsession stage

  • stage before full on demonic possession with all loss of mind & body control… Meaning that only you soul itself will be able to cry out for assistance that 9/1o go unnoticed & utterly written off by ignorant watered down religions of the modern age.

(I don’t recommend any makeshift methods as they are considered to be inefficient, although I first met Flarous through the method of premeditating homicidal actions which I deemed effective, however I was not blindsided by the entity as I waz kinda sort of hoping for such reaction…

Luckily my opposition waz not a follower of my new found sword & shield & he appears to act upon Karma more than anything else, in Ouija sessions he has went on to tell me that (don’t remember word for word but something to this effect)

“For some I pity so, that I sought vengeance without any being concious of my existence in an attempt to awaken them to my heights”

In the same breath he can be extremely deceptive & lie circles around you if not bound by sacred geometry of magick circle & you are supposed to summon with an age old ritual that involves wearing silver ring on middle finger of ??? :raised_hand: I forget which one… But the magician is to cover his left eye with the hand the ring is on enable to see through his fury as well as deception :wink:

Yours truly,

Mythious Da BLK 1

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Sure thing, I got a busy schedule I will make sure assignment is done before thizz coming Monday if that iz fair enough for your forums rules & regulations

I would love to work with this god if you could help me understand him

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