Everything Yoga Journal/Qigong/Q&A

Hello guys. I came to post here to document experiences and such in a journal so it could be viewed in public to the members of the forum.

I will also be able to answer questions as long as it is in my experience, otherwise, I will tell you answers based on the philosophy and I will tell you it was based on it, but i’m mostly here to give you information based on my own personal experience.

It will be filled with techniques and such.

Why did you choose this section of the forum?

Yoga isn’t white or black magic or anything else that can be said on this forum. I specifically matched it to the elemental section because it is like the middle path. You would learn elemental magic in yoga as you would in black and white magic.

I will not be able to tell you any experiences I have had with Qigong solely because i’m a beginner to the art. I would only be able to tell philosophies with that one.

I will also share my own personal techniques for mastering things as well as telling everything to do with different states of mind pertaining to brainwave functions.

I hope you will enjoy this commentary!