Everything is within but what is really within?

Spirits are within me gods are within me as they say everything is within. so every being every dimension is within me and that’s why I can reach those places and speak to those beings? Which is also why those beings can influence my reality because every being everything is within my consciousness which is why I can be grabbed by a entity because he’s within my consciousness? But what is it really am I right? I don’t fully understand it!

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I think everything is equally within as it is external. I don’t think spirits/demons are internal but that we are all still connected through energy. So by looking within – you can connect to things both external and internal.

I can sense when a person is gay when he is straight and I can sense females! I get a different feeling from all of them! What is that?
Is it called sensing energy of gender orientation? And by sensing that energy do I somehow receive some of there energy?


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I edited it

I personally reject the “everything is within” I do believe everyone is connected through the collective unconscious/astral/mental but I find the everything within concept has been insanely misconstrued by people who take it crazy literal.

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Yeah if we were all connected then we would only be one gender orientation so heterosexual. I connect better with little kids and have fun with them than adults adults aren’t fun to be around. I’m an adult I just don’t connect with adults, little kids are funny!

Well by connected/within I meant more so by the astral as you mentioned. The only “entities/spirits” are within that I believe is thought forms/etc – however I do believe entities/etc are separate/external and not within.

Although I do think that energy to some level connects things as we are all made up of energy, even if in different forms/etc. However not the “within” sort of way. Maybe more so connecting our soul/consciousness to something external/their soul/consciousness.

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