Everything is burning, and it's okay (It's okay to be lost)

There have been a lot of people post who are new on their path, so I felt like I needed to post this.

It’s okay to feel lost. We all have been through periods in our life that we feel like everything is burning down around us and everything is going wrong. It’ll be okay, its part of your growth. It may feel like you’re so turned around that you don’t know which way is up, that you are completely alone, but you aren’t. Everyone comes to these points in their life, its normal. For growth to occur, sometimes things that we have held onto have to be broken and replaced. There will be periods of time where you feel like no matter what you do, nothing is working, and that’s okay. The path you are on is about lessons, and these periods are a part of it. Stay true to yourself and your path (but don’t expect it to always go in the same direction), you’ll be okay. Everyone has been there, and there are many, many people here willing to help.

You aren’t alone, no matter how much it feels like you are.


This was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you

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To quote Liber Kaos “there are world’s inside is, the abyss is just the spaces in between”. Or something like that

I like that quote, will have to do some research on it. Thanks

Sometimes a forest needs a forest-fire to revitalize itself. The trick is to survive the flames…

But yeah we all feel lost. Especially us who have chosen a life “outside” of the narrative of a “normal life”. We are the trailblazers here, and yes, it is okey to feel lost. It happens to all of us, and we can take heart that as long as we are “aiming for good” (whatever you yourself perceive that to be in your life) you will arrive to where you ought to be - in the end.

Thank you @Losttraveller for making this point :slight_smile:

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I was glad to. I hope its able to help