Everyone's On Vacation. Synchronocity?

So here’s my vacation synchronicity story for last week:

  1. So I spoke with my work counselor two days ago about a document and they told me that they’ll get back to me and check if they have it completed when they get back from vacation. I caught them just in time since it seemed like they were preparing their things that day.

  2. After work yesterday I asked my hiring manager when they’ll be back and they told me they’ll be out for a week or so since they’re going on vacation.

  3. I tried calling the hiring manager from my old job today since I feel like my new job is overwhelming and a different person that picked up told me they’re on vacation. (Yes I’m new, but I do have memory problems so I don’t catch on to things quickly. To be fair, their “training” has been rather hands off so I asked my job coach to speak with them and the HM said there will be another position in two weeks that might be a better fit for me).

All these conversations about vacations happened so close together, and they’re relevant to me, specifically, in a way, in terms of finding work. I guess sure, plenty of people take vacations around the same time, but still, small world right? I wonder if this is a sign that maybe I should do something else with my life? I’ve told my roommates that this isn’t what I wanted in life at my age bracket but with my structural problems I don’t have as many opportunities as I could have. Is this a sign to find my life purpose or am I thinking too much about this? If so, how can I do it with my limitations?

Or it’s Spring Break in some parts and they have kids.


I don’t think this is like woo amazing sync as yes kids on break means a lot of us vacation around our kids schooling holidays and there’s a whole travel industry that knows when it can increase the prices

However I do think it is something you should note

It has stuck out to you and you want to take it as a sign or an answer

Why wouldn’t you seek for your life purpose?

The work counselor has cancer and a young child so I can see why they would take a vacation. Don’t know the situation with the hiring manager, and the old boss has four adult children who live in different places so I guess it’s just mundane reasons then.

Still, I’ve been telling my roommates that this isn’t what I wanted out of life for quite a while now and they tried to comfort me. Also, where I’m from we’re known for tourism so people travel here, they don’t usually leave here so there would actually be more people around here not less.

Guess I forgot about spring break since I’m not around any students and I’ve been busy trying to improve my life so a vacation would actually set me back. I want to get things done so of course that was kind of out of mind. Being at a new job I would need to be at work more, not less.

I just want to find the right path for me but I really don’t know what to do.

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