Everyone send me Positive Energy Please

I’m trying to Manifest this situation into a reality for the last two months it’s happening but I just need you guys to keep me in your thoughts…



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Gimme a second, I’ll send some energy your way. It’ll be elemental, mainly earth-fire-water, or hot mud energy, which is good for love/lust stuff…

Edit: I sent it your way.


Thank you I got a stubborn twin flame here

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Keeps resisting if I go through one more separation imma pull my hair out

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Do you need me to send more?

BTW I call that little trick the hornball. It’s basically a ball of “make a person horny” energy… if it’s programmed to flow into the person directly.

You know what, I’ll just send more your way…


ahahah jeez dude


I’d love some of that my self!! I’m literally auditioning for a porn studio today!!


alright, sending some of that love :relieved:

“When you no longer look for a way out of suffering,you no longer suffer”

Swap out Suffer with anything and your good

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Why is he stubborn? There is multiple reasons he could be resisting, which tells whether your approach is effective or not.

I fixed it lol never mind

Momentary lapse of judgment

Maybe he is very particular on how he receives and gives love. What makes you think he is your twin flame? You looked at him and then thought " yeah he’s heavily flirting with me…he looked my direction… That look means he wants to fuck me because he smiled." Lol just playing.

FYI Smiling = SEX

Umm no. Confirmed through several dieties. A white witch. Another tarot reader. And numerology. And the fact that he has psychic powers too that’s why. And we met on a day of a 5 and separated and reunited on another day with a 5

I know what I’m doing don’t confuse me with a novice because I am constantly learning you should be too. That is your ego and it’s a big mistake

And so he does something energetically every time you do something? I guess perhaps he does it instantly if he is psychic. So what methods you employ? Caste a spell? Call spirits? Direct energetic/psychic influence? Do you talk to him physically?

I send positive energy towards him and blessings because we are connected I have figured that out over time and if he’s suffering I feel it so I want him to be happy at all times. But yeah I can talk to him in the 5d

O i c. I was just wondering if you talked to him in real time. Not astral, internet or anything else. But I understand the SuperNatural part. Done my fair share.