What do you do everyday? How does that define who you are?

When in an initial conversation with a new person, the most faced question is “what do you do?” or some variation asking for your job. This is because they seek to define who you by the way you spend your time, the only real resource of value. They can take for granted that you are also sleeping, eating, bathing and dedicating and then likely to also assume that you watch TV, because this is what “all people do”. But lets leave the job on the sideline for now and in stead look at those things taken for granted.

So what DO you do everyday? When live in a fast paced world and few of us have the luxury of being able to perform magic full time in the way of medieval magicians (yet!), therefore one needs to take full advantage of that time spend away from the job to activate magical progression.

Living Ethically
Living ethically isn’t about living how I think you should live, or how some book or other person thinks. There is no right and wrong. Beyond duality all action and evenly sacred and profane. As E.A. Has said numerous times, every action taken is an action of ascension. So whilst every action you do is the action of a god, there must be some congruity. Congruity means that if you believe that the way food animals are farmed is wrong but continue to eat meat then you are at dissonance and harm your progression. If you really don’t give a fuck about the animals, this is fine too and therefore you can eat meat, you shouldn’t become vegetarian unless you are doing so for a deeply held reason and not because”its the right thing to do”. But how do you really feel? You may not have asked yourself some of these questions so an element of soul searching may be required to find out how you really feel about life. Also things change over time so don’t be afraid to change a ethical position as you advance with your progression. As long as your aren’t living in a hypocritical way then you are living ethically.

Sleeping is important for relaxation and recovery but it can also be used to train valuable skills.
Firstly one should keep a dream diary, recording any dreams in the morning upon awakening in as much detail as possible, but a few key words is better than nothing if the dream felt vague or poorly remembered. The benefits for doing this are 3 fold.
1 – Increased familiarity and memory of altered states of consciousness. Altered states of consciousness as a rule tend to be difficult remember and since you are going to be experimenting with things like astral projection (and lets be real, drugs) you want to be able to acually remember those experiences properly.
2 – Divination through dreams. I don’t personally get this often, but my partner has extremely prophetic dreams regularly. Once you start recording you might find out some of your dreams are prophetic.
3 – Personal insight. Dreams will often deal things floating around in your subconscious both overtly and through symbolism. I wouldn’t recommend consulting a dream decoding book as the symbolism is going to be unique to you and you will with time start to intuitively decode it. How ever if you work heavily in one system of magic you will find its symbolism to be heavily impressed. 777 can be useful for some referencing if you are working from a western perspective.

The next thing sleep can be used for is Lucid dreaming. There are a million resources available on that so I’ll leave this short. How ever, don’t push to hard on this, if you find yourself getting so caught up on trying to lucid dream that its interrupting peaceful sleep you aren’t really doing yourself an favours.

Blessing/charging of food was advised by Bardon and I can definitely see the benefit of doing this, but most meals are eaten in the company of others and therefore this practice may not be appropriate.
I drink a lot of green tea, every day in fact. It is delicious and scientifically proven to be good for the physical body. In Chinese medicine it is highly praised for its benefits on chi. Since I like to drink everyday I have taken the opportunity to charge all my tea in its dried form so that it is ready to go as a pre-blessed potion. You may prefer to apply this to coffee or perhaps vitamins, some thing you “take” every day.

Do it. Do it everyday. Create time for it and it will pay back that time ten fold. It took me a long time to understand this and I procrastinated hard with it. Don’t be like me, get on it and get its benefits sooner rather than later.

Banishing and invoking.
Banishing gets a lot of bad press these days. But I think that comes from a misunderstanding about its function. When one is banishing they aren’t necessarily performing a holy ritual to rid all the evil and nasty demons from there life (oh my!). What you are really doing is removing any negative influences you perceive in your life. For the holy than thou it might be for nasty demons and if you are trying to win “The biggest dick in black magic prize” you are probably going to banish all your compassion and softness. I am put mine towards banishing laziness and negative personal interaction traits I have observed in myself. Invoking is just about bringing in about bringing in what every you want, E.A.'s invocation of omnipotence is excellent, I also enjoy the Middle Pillar.

A purifying wash functionally similar to banish as above can be done. I generally just prefer to listen to the water as a meditation.

This is hardly exhaustive and I would be curious to hear any thoughts people had on any methods the use that might be included in this.

Interesting about what you said about ethics. I just finished reading ‘Conversations with God’ by Neal Donald Walsch for the first time. A co-worker gave it to me. In the book His higher self/God part of him said the same thing. It said right and wrong are relative to the individual, that there is no cosmic judge punishing us for our deeds and that the whole “angry God” concept is man made and fictitious. Ties in with what EA says about karma being in the attachment to the action and not the action itself.

On a side note, in the book “A new earth” by Eckart Tolle, he says the word “Sin” was first written in the bible in ancient Greek, and the actual translation to that is “to miss the mark”… like missing the point of something. So to sin is to live your life not fulfilling your destiny or purpose. This also can be tied to what EA says when he stated : The most satanic thing a person can do is sit on the couch watching TV their whole life (heard this in one of his radio interviews). Which is to say the couch potato is sinning because they are wasting their life watching the idiot box. No they won’t be punished, but they wasted a valuable chance to evolve.

Just my random thoughts.

Good stuff in this old thread. The more you practice the dream journal the more you remember. You also notice details of dreams you would ordinarily miss if you weren’t recording them. A fourth benefit is this is working a muscle of the psyche that strengthens the bond between the conscious mind and the subconscious for lack of a better term. This in turn has its own benefits that should be obvious to many. Those deeper parts of mind are where the psychic power grids reside as well as the connections to the collective consciousness or super consciousness. I believe every serious magician should be keeping a dream journal.
On a side but relative note, I had the occasional lucid dream this morning. I was looking up at these sky-lift style cable cars zipping rather quickly across power lines that were probably around sixty to seventy feet in the air when I realized I was dreaming. Things became quite surreal and strange once I realized it was a dream; like the screen in my mind’s eye started melting.

^ Great OP! :slight_smile:

I just read this, which is kind of relevant: Self-Control is the ultimate exercise of freedom.

It’s kind of hard to argue with any of those points, and I’m angry at myself for sometimes letting the kids drive the car (it’ll make sense if you read the article).

From the article;

“Every time there was a shot of cola flowing, everyone with a soda drank. Every time there was an image of a person eating, everyone with food ate.”

I bet none of the people doing that were aware that they were being triggered. It says a lot about how easily people can be hypnotized and manipulated. Just add one dark room and a large screen.