Everyday Sleep Paralysis

Everytime I wake, I like lying around in bed, but sleep paralysis always kicks in. It’s more prone when I’m lying on my back, but it happens on my sides too, and generally when I’m thinking about occult related things I noticed, or enter into this state of mind that has the fear of the unknown. I’ve read that sleep paralysis happens when the mind is awake but the body is asleep, but it’s strange, because my body is falling asleep again before my mind does? Not sure what’s happening there.

I start becoming paralyzed and I can’t move. I fight the paralysis, but it’s exhausting. Sometimes I wonder where it will take me, so I succumb and in my ears, it’s like being submerged underwater. The more I let go of my consciousness and will to fight it off and relax, the more the noise grows in my ears. Eventually, hear a woman screaming, no words in particular just an “aaaaa”. I become afraid of what will happen next and I try and fight it off by waking myself.

One time, I was particularly fed up, and managed to muster up a yell in anger despite being unable to move, and told whatever it was that was causing the sleep paralysis to go away. The sleep paralysis stopped for a few while, but now its back.

Sleep paralysis comes often, and it’s uncomfortable, but I’ve begun to notice the onset so I can fight it off. But I’m wondering what’s happening.

I don’t feel anything particular, except fear of what’s going to happen next.

I once dreamt of having sleep paralysis while taking a nap. I was definitely asleep, but somehow I was awake in my room? I decided to succumb in the dream to the paralysis. It was like submerging myself in water, and allowed whatever it was to happen (it was a dream so I felt less scared) and in that dream I spoke with something or someone.

I couldn’t get their name, because I was scared and would resist when they told me their name, but whenever they spoke in my head and I heard their voice, I felt intense burning pain. I never feel pain in my dreams, but this was enough to cause me to writhe in agony. I felt myself sweating from all the pain, but whatever it was carried on the conversation with me about something related to life and profoundly deep things. I don’t remember many details of what we spoke about (typical dreams) but I do recall a snippit.

Me: “Whenever you talk, it hurts so much. Why does it hurt?”

???: “Because you hold a lot of hatred in your heart. Try relaxing, like you’re meditating.”

I took deep breaths and relaxed, and when they spoke, there was no pain. I remember it feeling weird, cause I would brace myself for the burn in my chest, but nothing happened. This dream was particularly strange because it felt so vivid and real. I never feel pain in my dreams, and when I’m ‘hurt’ I wake up instantly. Nor do I ever dream of my room, or have such levels of control. The dream ended when I tried to ask for their name for the third time, and I couldn’t hear it again.

Either way, would like to know what to do about all this sleep paralysis. Wondering if it’s something negative to stop, or something I should explore, and any particular precautions to take? The strange thing is that this sleep paralysis isn’t particularly forceful (unlike a few other times), moreso I feel like I’m inflicting it upon myself sometimes, and since I can sense the onset, I can choose to fight it off.

I get the feeling something spirit related is causing it, didn’t use to have sleep paralysis at all until I became curious of magic. Would appreciate some advice, even if it’s all just my vivid imagination that I can put behind me.


If you want to bring yourself out of sleep paralysis, try consciously changing your breathing pattern, i.e. switch to manual breathing mode and start taking deliberately deep breaths, or make your breathing pattern faster or slower. This should trigger your body to realise it’s awake and bring you out of paralysis quickly.

Sleep paralysis is a gateway to astral projection, out of body experiences, and/or lucid dreaming. It used to freak me out too but now I welcome (and actively try to achieve) sleep paralysis, especially during/after naps, or in the morning after waking. I would recommend reading The Phase by Michael Raduga. I recommend this book to absolutely everyone. It contains techniques that you can use to leave your body during sleep paralysis, and have an out of body experience/lucid dream/astral projection event (the author considers them to be all the same thing, I leave it up to the individual to choose). It is a truly unique and incredible experience.


I still remember when I first started having sleep paralysis. Around the time I wanted to try and AP/etc. Seemed to coincide when I had the intention of Astral Projecting or lucid dreaming. Scared the crap out of me.

The first time I thought I was tripping (I hadn’t realized I couldn’t move yet at this point) as I saw bright green goo at on of the corners of my wall (by ceiling). Then when I realized I couldn’t move - I put two and two together and immediately shut my eyes closed (something I heard you should do). Like you, I also heard a voice (sounded really low… Raspy?) When I called for my “guides” - even thought I didn’t really actively work with spirit guides at that point. Lol told me " Breathe… Breathe… Breathe" - scared the crap out of me, so I woke up from gasping.

However as said above, changing you breathing pattern does the trick. I figured that out, so that should help.


Thank you for the tip, I’ll try the breathing technique next time it takes hold, and look into attempting astral projection. In all honesty, it seems difficult, and a little scary but I’ll give it a shot! Nothing like trying something new.

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Sleep paralysis is really scary, especially the first few times you don’t expect it… and especially when you see odd things;;

I see, breathing helps you break out of it. I’ll try it out next time! (Hopefully I don’t panic too much). Its interesting that it came to you when you had the idea of astral projecting, the person above also mentioned it… not many things in this world are coincidences…I’ve only been lightly curious of it, but it was a long time ago and very fleeting so I think it’s weird.

I also once had a lucid dream, in a room filled with light, someone was pulling my left arm out of my body? (or so I felt) and said “remember to breathe” and that was the one thing in my panic that I forgot to do and woke up instead. Oops.


Sounds like possesion, which one is the demonic power you are working with?

Just a shot from my side but can you ever seem to slighty move your toes or even your fingers to break yourself out of the sleep paralysis? This is what I do when I Instantly realize that I’m in this damn thing while my heart beats the hell out of my chest. Seems like everytime I get it I can slowly start moving my own toes the more and more and I make myself move them which ends up waking me right up. Your breathing patterns can also help aswell like others have mentioned.

My last recent Incident of sleep paralysis consisted of me hearing very strange noises throughout my bedroom which lead me to hearing this very soft disturbing echoing noise of someone in agony. Something no one sane should to want hear. Never knew if it was just a crap nightmare of a dream that day but I recall I was looking at one of my Tupac posters and I knew this bullshit was in happening in my own room. It’s like damn man I already knew what this was :rofl: Not a fan of sleep paralysis never will be I think other than tyring some astral techniques. I don’t ever recall seeing weird shit throughout my bed but mostly some odd noises here and there.

I don’t really work with anyone which is what makes it extra creepy I suppose. My senses are weak so I can’t perceive well, just trying to meditate, ground and cleanse (but not very good at all of these).

I think I’ve tried wiggling my fingers and toes, but it doesn’t seem to do much more than waiting it out or brute forcing. I’ll be sure to try the breathing technique next time!

Seems like sleep paralysis always comes with a side of scary noises. Likewise am not a fan, it always drains me or is exhausting to deal with when I’m trying to break out of it.

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It just simply disrupts my sleep pattern for that night. It’s not like the end of the world on my end but I’d appreciate to get a sleep paralysis without it sounding like something out of a horror movie soundtrack once in a while, lmao. Either way I do hope you find your method to break out out of the sleep paraylsis. Seems like anytime I start to move my own toes it almost works everytime. I know this doesn’t work with everyone but again changing one of your breathing patterns can let you know whether you found your method. Hope all is well with a good nights rest.

If you sleep on your back, you could try side sleeping. Robert Bruce recommends that and several other things, as for most people it happens while back sleeping and it’s not a necessary stage for any type of projection, and can actually indicate your mind woke up while you were already projecting but unaware of it.

I’m actually astounded at how often I see people jump on the trolley that it’s okay to experience it frequently and telling others to use it for a projection base, based on what I’ve read/experienced so far😆 I’ve had it happen once and I’m not signing up for that stuff, when I can project without it lol.